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Secure app for medical photo documentation. Instagram for doctors and nursing staff in hospitals including team chat as an alternative to WhatsApp.
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Scan documents directly with your smartphone so that they can immediately be added to the electronic patient record.
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Standardised and intuitive wound documentation for more objectivity in treatments and simplified collaboration.
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Automatic digital measurement of wounds via app. Free trial for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets - Send wound report immediately via e-mail.

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Our blog provides regular information on important topics, trends and events in the field of healthcare IT. We are particularly passionate about mobile visual clinical documentation and communication.

Meet Carsten - our Team Lead Business Development

In the new interview, our Team Lead Business Development, Carsten, provides insights into which AI functions have provided WOW moments at the events and that he has the feeling that medical professionals are now being listened to more when it comes to introducing new hospital software. He also reveals what he appreciates about remote work and his 4-day week.

How Zurzach Care saves valuable time with imitoWound

Wound expert Petra Behne met our team for the first time at a wound congress/DEWU. At the time, she was looking for a suitable solution for standardized wound documentation for her team at Zurzach Care. The personal encounter quickly created a solid basis for a great collaboration between imito and Zurzach Care.

Easy but secure login: balancing comfort and security

Nurses and doctors need to swiftly document health data with their digital tools, while complying with data security standards. How do you guarantee that the app is ready to go within seconds when the nurse arrives at the patient’s bedside, while ensuring that the patient’s data is always protected?

"It doesn't always have to be complicated and time-consuming": An overview of the implementation steps of imito apps in hospitals

The implementation of new software in a hospital often adds to the workload and stress of both IT personnel and healthcare workers. Therefore, it is crucial that the implementation process is efficient and straightforward.

Empowering AI: Harnessing Wound Data for AI Models Development

imito AG has been making strides in the field of wound documentation for years, and we are thrilled to share our most recent successes with you.

Meet Fenja & Claudia - our customer support

Did you know that our Customer Success Team includes two nurses? Thanks to their practical experience, Fenja and Claudia Höß advise our customers on technical questions regarding the #imito apps and work together with external experts.

Time management in care: "Can you stand in?"

A thought walk on the subject of time in care.

imitoWound App now also in Brazil

Brazil is among the 10 countries in the world with the highest number of patients suffering from diabetes. It currently affects around 16.8 million people. Unfortunately, a lot of them suffer from chronic wounds. Every day, wound experts in Brazil take care of these patients and strive for high-quality wound management that contributes to the best possible care.

Meet Zsuzsi - our graphic designer

Zsuzsi lets imito shine in the best light with her creativity and ideas.  As an economist, she first worked as a marketing specialist before turning her passion for drawing into a profession. Since summer 2022 Zsuzsi has been part of the imito team and works as a graphic designer for the company.

imitoCam Success Story: Kantonsspital Winterthur

imitoWound supports standardised wound documentation and simplifies the daily routine of healthcare professionals. That's why imitoWound is used by the Adelheid Clinic to document the stabilisation phase of patients in a standardised way. This helps the healthcare professionals to work efficiently and to speed up decision-making processes.

Wound treatment with the use of artificial intelligence

Wound treatment is a key component of health care. As a result, innovative approaches to predictive, preventive and more personalized medicine (PPPM) are critical in modern healthcare. In this article, you learn how wound treatment with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) contributes to a faster wound healing and the challenges that this presents.

Meet Martin - our Technical Project Manager

Meet our Technical Project Manager, Martin.

imito Team Retreat in Berlin Brandenburg

Meet Nicole - our Business Development Manager

Meet our Business Development Manager, Nicole.

Meet Pratiksha - our new Junior Partner Manager

Meet our new Junior Partner Manager, Pratiksha.

Meet Peter - our Product Owner

Meet our Product Owner and iOS developer, Peter.

Meet Anita - our new Marketing Manager

A new face at imito! Meet our new Marketing Manager, Anita.

imito & DEWU 2022

The German Wound Congress took place in Bremen from May 4th to 6th and imito was there!

Meet Irina - our new Regulatory and Compliance Manager

A new face at imito! Meet our new Regulatory and Compliance Manager, Irina.

Supporting Wound Care Treatment with Artificial Intelligence

The Geneva School of Health Science (HEdS-Genève), the University of Geneva (UNIGE), and the company imito AG have obtained Innosuisse funding for the development of an application that will support clinical decision-making in the treatment of wounds, intended for healthcare professionals and their training.

Meet Eugene - our Product Owner

Meet our Product Owner, Eugene.

Meet Florian - our new Technical Project Manager

A new face at imito! Meet our new Technical Project Manager, Florian.

Meet Sofia

A new face at imito! Meet our new Data Scientist, Sofia.

Meet Natalie

A new face at imito! Meet our new Marketing Manager, Natalie.

French clinical researcher report “good validity and reproducibility of the imitoMeasure app” in the clinical evaluation of pressure ulcer 

Do Khacet al., compared imito's free app imitoMeasure (iOS, Android) for measuring wounds with ruler and acetate tracing (the current reference standard) in the clinical evaluation of pressure ulcer in a clinical validation study.

Simplified login, patient selection via barcode

Sign in - lock the phone - sign in again. Who has not experienced this? Or when searching for the patient "John Doe". Which is the right one? This costs valuable time, is prone to errors and is quite annoying. We at imito want to make the everyday work of health professionals as simple and pleasant as possible. This has resulted in two solutions "Simplified login" and "Patient selection by barcode", which are already integrated into all our apps.

Testimonial on the use of imitoCam in dermatology

Documentation in a breeze. With our App imitoCam you can optimize your clinical photography and save valuable time in your daily work. Here is a user feedback from the pediatric dermatology department at the Kantonsspital Baden...

Area Measurement Methods: Accuracy and Precision

Area measurement methods are used in various clinical practices such as wound management, dermatology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, burn units, surgical specialities and more. Traditional methods are often time-consuming or inaccurate. With this brief overview of existing methods, you will learn how imito solutions provide a safe, effective and fast alternative, directly on your smartphone.

🎄 imito Wishes Happy Holidays 🤶🏽 and a Happy Start into the New Year 🎊

At this special time of year, we would like to thank you for the successful cooperation and strong partnership as well as for your trust in us, our products and services.

Retrospect of the imito Team Retreat 2019

Building a corporate culture in a remote company. When team spirit, motivation, enthusiasm and commitment are not just words with good intentions...

New imito calibration markers for direct wound measurement

This summer, we’ve asked our users opinion on our new Calibration Marker - thanks to everyone again for the valuable input!

imitoCam aka the clinical Instagram - winner of the start-up slam

The HIMSS Start-up Slam is a 4-minutes live demo showcase of ready-to-implement solutions for hospitals and care providers. The audience formed a clear opinion about the best pitch.

ZDF Heute Journal - imitoCam at UKE

The German television channel ZDF reported on August 27th 2019, in its news channel "Heute Journal", about the digitalisation strategy of the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) using imitoCam to simplify the everyday life of their medical staff.

Recap of an imitastic Tour d'Europe 2019

10 trade fairs and congresses, 7 speeches, 4 public live demos and around 6kg of Swiss chocolate distributed along with countless discussions! The #imitorocks #digitalhealth tour through Europe during the first half of 2019 set a new standard.

imito #unleashed retreat 2018

The power, the challenge and the face-to-face time of the remote imito team. Once again, a team retreat incubated the unique culture with sports, fun and strategic brainstorming.

Hands-on FHIR

Unsere ersten Erfahrung mit dem neuen Standard für den Datenaustausch im Gesundheitswesen.

Throwback showcase & imitoCam 3.0 keynote at the University Hospital Zurich

Ein neues Jahr, eine neue Version, ein neues Präsentationsformat.

imito setzt mit der imitoCam 3.0 den #unleashed #imitorocks Weg auch in 2018 fort.

Strong imito #Unleashed Performance Week

Preparing pitches, meeting lots of people, strengthen the network. Our instant reporting about our activities via Social Media grabbed more than a moment. A true imito #Unleashed time. 

Startup Track at World Health Summit 2017

10 finalists in Berlin, outstanding ideas and innovative business concepts that have the potential to revolutionise healthcare and improve global health. As a selected finalist for the Startup Track of the World Health Summit 2017 under the high patronage of the Federal Minister of Health Germany, Hermann Gröhe, the dense presentation by CEO Chrysanth Sulzberger rocks the stage.

imito, the clinical photo app and the Swiss eHealth Summit 2017

Review of 2016. Nine Start-Ups line up in front of a critical Swiss eHealth Summit jury to perform the first Start-up Slam Switzerland. The five minutes presentation of imito AG convinced the jury to honour Chrysanth Sulzberger and Manuel Studer with the 1st place and an exclusive presentation slot in 2017 for their radically simplified clinical collaboration with their clinical photo app.

Smartphone photos worth more than 1000 words? Our tips for medical smartphone photography!

Now that smartphones are a part of daily life, they are becoming a valuable tool for medical purposes too. This article covers a proposal of guidelines patients and medical professionals need to follow in order to effectively use smartphone photography to provide more efficient health care.

We rocked conhIT!

Three days of great discussions with health IT experts, potential customers and partners. We are truly overwhelmed, proud and thankful for the positive feedback.

imitoCam – The result of the survey about clinical photo documentation with smartphones!

Im Frühjahr 2015 haben 482 Ärzte an unserer Umfrage zur Nutzung des Smartphones für die klinische Fotografie befragt. Die wichtigsten Ergebnisse habe wir für Sie als Infografik zusammengestellt.

The “harmless” snap in a hospital?

In this day and age when technology pervades most aspects of our lives, it has become crucial to find ways to regulate it. Ever since the birth of the iPhone in 2007, hand-held electronics have assumed a dominant position in most aspects of people’s daily tasks.

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