Wound management with imito's wound documentation app
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Wound management with imito's wound documentation app

A digital wound documentation is the core element of modern wound management in the 21st century. A colleague called in sick or is on holiday? Take over your team member’s patients (spontaneously)!

Wound management app imitoWound

Modern wound management is digital

By using imitoWound, healthcare professionals can use any common smartphone or tablet to precisely measure, photograph and document wounds. These digital records enable them to track the healing process and share it with doctors, wound managers & others who are involved in the wound treatment.

Wound management app for wound manager teams

Wound management in a team

A colleague called in sick or is on holiday? (Spontaneously) take over patients from another wound manager! Everyone can view each other’s wound documentation - this is a very simple but crucial advantage of a digital wound documentation in everyday life.

We also have customers that use our "supervisor feature" which allows senior wound managers to have access to the wound documentation of several teams at different locations. This enables them to support difficult cases and check the quality and quantity of wound documentations. They can help their colleagues from anywhere!

Wound management for wound manager teams

imito's wound management at CPD courses for future wound managers

Some of our users train prospective wound managers themselves and introduce imito's wound documentation app to their students. This allows them to learn directly how to document digitally in a standardised way. If you wish to do so, then contact us, and we will guide you through the app as well as provide you with training material.

Wound management app for Zurzach Care

6 departments use imito - including neurology

Wound management app for Sana Kliniken Leipziger Land

10 departments use imito - including vascular surgery

Wound management app for Klinikum Ingolstadt

21 departments use imito - including the emergency ward

Wound management training for prospective wound managers - playful instead of boring

Thanks to a research fund from Innosuisse, we are developing in close collaboration with Prof. Sebastian Probst and the University of Geneva a serious game designed to teach caregivers important wound management skills in a fun way.

The game involves assessing a variety of real wound pictures. The software guides the user to analyse a wound and to distinguish relevant from irrelevant information. Our aim is to promote digital wound management that is based on expert standards, such as the recommendations of the ICW (Chronic Wound Initiative).

A new approach to wound management

Traditional methods of paper-based wound documentation are often time-consuming and prone to error. The manual measurement poses a risk of infection and the documentation of the healing process not only requires a high level of specialist knowledge, but also a considerable amount of time. With our wound management app imitoWound, we are tackling precisely these challenges.

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