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Wound documentation and wound measurement with AI
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Spend 5 min instead of 20 for a wound documentation

Take photos, measure and document wounds with imitoWound. Intuitive use even for non-technical persons.

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Wound documentation app imitoWound
wound measurement app imitoWound

10 departments use imito - including vascular surgery

wound measurement app imitoWound

6 departments use imito - including neurology

wound documentation app imitoWound

21 departments use imito - including the emergency department

wound documentation app imitoWound

13 departments use imito - including urology

The app you'll enjoy using

Measure wounds faster

Save time with standardised documentation

Work on your preferred device

Enjoy the intuitive use and skip lengthy trainings

Gain flexibility by finishing work later with the to-do list

Upcoming feature: Find the most suitable treatment with AI

Proven project experience in over 60 hospitals

with standards-based integration into EMR and PACS/VNA systems via FHIR, HL7, LDAP SAML, and DICOM.

Wound documentation app imitoWoundWound documentation app imitoWound

Measure your first wound now

Download imitoWound from the App or Play Store - try out the core functions and then contact us to integrate it into your hospital infrastructure.

imitoWound - Apple AppStoreimitoWound - GooglePlay

Measure wounds faster

Immediately after you take a photo, the app calculates the wound size. imito’s wound measurement method is scientifically validated and replaces your wound ruler. Review wound images on a timeline to evaluate wound healing progress at one glance.

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Wound measurement app - imitoWound

Save time with standardised wound documentation

Document wounds by selecting one of the pre-set options based on international standards. Add notes in free text fields when needed. Individually configurable for your hospital.

Wound measurement app - imitoWound

Work on your preferred device

No special hardware is needed - use any common Apple or Android smartphone and tablet. Access the web version on any desktop computer. imito is also compatible with Ascom's Myco 3 and Roche's Cobas Pulse.

imitoWound App - runs on iOS, Android, Ascom Myco 4, Roche Cobas Pulse, Desktop, Web

Enjoy the intuitive use

Start using imitoWound right away on your phone, tablet or computer. No long special trainings are needed for your team. Even less tech-savvy persons say imito is self-explanatory.

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Gain flexibility by finishing work later

Document wounds directly at the patient’s side on your mobile device. Save an incomplete wound documentation to your to-do list. Finish it later on your mobile or desktop - from anywhere.

Wound measurement app - imitoWound

Upcoming feature: Find the most suitable treatment with AI

Let AI identify tissues present in the wound to assist you in making better treatment choices. Later, AI itself will suggest suitable treatment options. We’ve secured 1 million CHF with our research partners to make this happen!

Wound measurement app - imitoWound
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