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Medical photo and video documentation
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Wound documentation and wound measurement with AI
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Scanning app for patient documents
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Medical photo and video documentation
Get second opinions
Research and education
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EMR, DMS and PACS integration
Wound documentation

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Secure, fast, and fully integrated medical photo documentation

No more patient photos in your camera roll. Visually capture medical conditions in your clinical practice - fully integrated with the electronic medical record - easy as Instagram.

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imitoCam - Timeline
Sana Kliniken Leipziger Land

10 departments use imito - including vascular surgery

6 departments use imito - including neurology

Klinikum Ingolstadt

21 departments use imito - including the emergency department

Spital Zollikerberg

13 departments use imito - including urology

Just snap 'n' chill

Fast and compliant medical photos

Quick categorisation with #hashtags and body chart

Get second opinions from other specialists

Measurement of skin diseases or surgical wounds

Secondary use for research and teaching

Works on your preferred device

Proven project experience in over 60 hospitals

with standards-based integration into EMR and PACS/VNA systems via FHIR, HL7, LDAP SAML, and DICOM.

Fast and compliant medical photos

Medical photos instantly link to their author, patient, and visit information. imitoCam is optimised for the clinical routine - with offline and emergency modes.

Smart Categorisation

Take high-quality photos and #categorise them. Intuitively select one or multiple regions on a body chart. Dynamically add new #hashtags for your team e.g. for a discussion in a #derma-board meeting.

Team collaboration unleashed

Get second opinions from your team or specialists from other departments directly in imitoCam’s chat and through access via integration into the electronic medical record.

imito is used in 21+ departments →

Measure what matters

Immediately after you take a photo of a skin anomaly or wound, imitoCam can automatically calculate its width, length, circumference, and area. imito’s measurement method is scientifically validated.

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Secondary use for research and teaching

Browse the medical photos by one or multiple categories, like #melanoma. Hashtags offer a powerful metadata search: Find the best pictures for research projects or teaching.

Works on your preferred device

No special hardware is needed - use any common Apple or Android smartphone and tablet. Access the web version on any desktop computer. imitoCam is compatible with specialized medical devices like Ascom's Myco and Roche's Cobas Pulse.

imitoCam App - runs on iOS, Android, Ascom Myco 4, Roche Cobas Pulse, Desktop, Web
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