Wound measurement tool to measure wounds more precisely
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Wound measurement tool to measure wounds more precisely

We explain how to measure a wound using imito's scientifically proven wound measurement tool. With imito you are measuring wounds in seconds. Plus, we have integrated our software into the existing systems of over 60 hospitals.

Wound measurement tool - we explain how to measure a wound

Wound measurement tool for Klinikum Ingolstadt

21 hospital departments use our apps

Wound measurement tool for clinical research teams

A clinical trial used our wound measurement method

Wound measurement tool for Zurzach Care

6 hospital departments use our apps

How to measure a wound in the 21st century

Wound measurement tool - we explain how to measure a wound

Let your smartphone do the job - in the end, we are living in the 21st century. Instead of measuring wounds with a wound tape: save time, measure more precisely, and reduce the risk of infection with our digital wound measurement tool. Each time you want to measure a wound, position one of our "calibration markers" next to the wound. Our software shows a green box once it detected the marker.

You take the photo, check if the wound outlines have been recognised correctly. And there we go - now you're done. Our wound measurement tool calculated the wound area, circumference, length and width for you. Watch how imitoWound measures wounds in just a few seconds.

How to measure a wound in the 21st century

How are wounds measured by imito's software?

Our team is lucky to hear a "wow" every now and then at an event when they guide visitors through their first wound measurement. This wow-effect is made possible because the calibration marker serves as a standardised reference size next to any wound.

Any iOS or Android mobile device (no additional hardware needed!) can be used to calculate the wound area, circumference, length and width. You can enter the wound depth as well. imito's digital wound measurement tool has been tested in several studies - on humans, but also elephants and cats.

Wound measurement techniques compared in studies

Wound measurement examples

Many of our clinical customers (more than 60 hospitals!) measure wounds like ulcus cruris, decubitus, diabetic foot ulcers, traumatic wounds, burns and more with our software. Indeed, more than 160K measurements have been done to date with our apps.

Moreover, research teams from medtech and life science companies like CutoSense are using our wound measurement tool for their clinical trials, to precisely document the wound healing progress. Accurate wound measurement is especially important when you want to scientifically prove your hypothesis.

Wound measurement documentation stored immediately in the archive

We often hear that users are glad to finally digitally store their wound measurement, wound documentation and wound photos all in one place. Everything is immediately available in the hospital archive. These digital records can then easily be shared with doctors, wound managers & others who are involved in the wound treatment. They can access the wound data from any mobile or desktop device, helping out with difficult cases from anywhere.

Wound measurement documentation directly in the hospital archive

Get to know the team behind the wound measurement app

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Wound measurement tool - the team behind

Wound measuring guide - rough rules when to use which wound measurement mode

In all our apps, we have 3 different options to measure wounds (but don't worry, we are happy to guide you through your first wound measurement):

1. Calibration marker mode: measuring wounds in the quickest way possible. Read the studies that have evaluated our wound measurement technique with these calibration markers. You can order the calibration markers here.

2. Ruler mode: in case you don't have our calibration markers yet, you can use a wound tape, but you don't need to calculate the rough wound area by multiplying length and width. Instead, our software recognises your wound tape as a reference size on the picture and calculates the actual wound area digitally.

3. Manual mode: we offer this mode as a backup, so you can enter wound measurement data manually, in case you want to document a special wound.

Wound measuring guide - we're here to help

Measuring wounds, but then also detecting the wound tissue types

In close collaboration with Prof. Sebastian Probst and the University of Geneva, we are developing an AI-feature to detect wound tissue types, so healthcare professionals can base their treatment decisions on this wound analysis. We’ve secured a research fund of 1 million CHF to make this reality.

Wound measurement - but then also detecting tissue types

Bye bye old wound measurement techniques

Our digital wound measurement tool enables you to measure wounds more precisely than with conventional techniques such as the ruler method and planimetry with acetate tracing. It's also more cost-effective than laser-assisted wound measurement techniques.

Wound measurement techniques old & new

In 2015, our founders, Chrysanth Sulzberger and Manuel Studer started their mission to bring digital tools to clinical practice. Join the 8000+ healthcare professionals who save time with digital wound measurement and medical photo documentation. Our next step: Reconstruct the wound as a 3D model to also capture the wound depth automatically and further improve wound area measurement accuracy to the maximum.

Wound measurement - width, length & depth

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Wound measurement tool - the team behind
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