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Revolutionising Wound Management with AI

With years of experience in healthcare IT, we bring objectivity, ease and time savings to wound management and medical photo documentation through our clinical apps. Our digital solutions compensate for the wound expert shortage, empowering our customers to enhance patient care efficiently. Join us and revolutionise the future of wound care!

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Our Story

From the App-Idea to
Hospital-wide Rollouts


How it All started

In 2015, Chrysanth Sulzberger found out based on a questionnaire for his master's thesis, that 56 % of healthcare professionals working in hospitals are already using their smartphones - fully or partially - for clinical photo documentation. In many cases, sensitive material was even being shared via WhatsApp. Manuel Studer and Chrysanth didn’t want to accept the status quo and decided to start working on imito.


From 0 to 1 with imitoCam

The medical Instagram for doctors and nurses with medical photo documentation was developed together with the University Hospital Basel, which also became our first customer in 2016.

imitoCam - medical photography made easy
Photos stored immediately in the PACS
The secure medical photo documentation app
Instagram-like chat included →
imitoCam - Medical Photo Documentation App
imitoCam - Medical Photo Documentation App


Our first Customer in Germany

In 2017, the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf became our first customer in Germany. Currently, imitoCam is being used in more than 47 hospitals.


imito quickly became popular as the Wound App

To keep imitoCam a radically simple tool for visual clinical documentation and collaboration, in 2019 we introduced imitoWound as a specialised solution for interprofessional wound management.


imitoWound is a digital wound management app based on international documentation standards. As with all our products, it can be seamlessly integrated into the hospital IT infrastructure.

imitoWound - Digital Wound Management App
Quicker wound measurement
Finish a wound assessement in 5 minutes
Discover our wound app →
imitoWound - Digital Wound Management
imitoWound - Digital Wound Management


AI-based Clinical Decision Support System

In December 2021 we started an innovation project for an AI-based Clinical Decision Support System for wound treatment, funded by Innosuisse. We established a cooperation with Prof. Sebastian Probst and the University of Geneva.

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