Empowering AI: Harnessing Wound Data for AI Models Development
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Empowering AI: Harnessing Wound Data for AI Models Development
4 April 20236 min readDr. Sofia Zahia
Empowering AI: Harnessing Wound Data for AI Models Development

Imito AG has been making strides in the field of wound documentation for years, and we are thrilled to share our most recent successes with you.

Innosuisse project

After the great success that imitoWound has gained among multiple healthcare institutions, imito AG has decided to take its technology to the next level by leveraging AI to improve its wound documentation Apps. A collaboration was thus born between the Wound and Scar Unit of the HEdS-Geneva (Pr Sebastian Probst), the Digital Health Expertise of the HEdS-Geneva (Pr Swann Pichon), the Computer Science Department of the UNIGE (Dr Guillaume Chanel) and imito AG in order to reinforce this mission. 

In January 2022, the project "AI-powered mobile application for assisted wound care monitoring and assessment, and the training of healthcare professionals and carers" was awarded funds in the amount of 1.08 million CHF by the Swiss agency Innosuisse for its realization during a period of 2 years.

Collaborating with experts is crucial to the success of any project, as their specialized knowledge and skills can bring valuable insights and perspectives that can help to enhance the project's outcome. Together with our experts from HEdS-Geneva and UNIGE, who offer a depth of understanding and experience in their field, we were able to identify potential problems and provide innovative solutions in order to ensure the project meets industry standards and best practices. In addition, their involvement helps to increase the project's credibility, as their endorsement can provide assurance to stakeholders and clients. Furthermore, collaborating with our experts has facilitated knowledge transfer and created opportunities for learning and development, benefiting both academic and industrial project teams.

Our mission is to propose several key assets for wound assessment:

  • The extension of our planar measurement method to curved wounds measurement with 3D reconstruction
  • An assisted wound characterisation using AI by performing automatic wound and tissue types segmentation
  • Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) which suggests the appropriate treatment to each wound case
  • Wound healing prediction which describes the current and future healing tendency 
  • Nurses and Healthcare givers training through a serious game

In order to achieve these goals, a complete wound dataset is needed which should contain not only wound pictures from different body parts and aetiologies, but also the medical history of the patients and the treatments administered during each visit.


One of our most notable achievements has been the launch of our imitoWoundR App (R standing for Research) for wound data collection and labeling. Our team worked hand in hand with wound care specialists to create a new product that would enable the collection of the largest and complete wound database, which will offer unique benefits to the research community.


imitoWoundR is an iPad based Application, which extends imitoWound with further labeling features. Using this Application, we are collecting at each patient visit:

  • Wound Video 
  • Multiple wound images
  • Wound 3D scanning using the Structure Sensor
  • Automatic wound segmentation 
  • Wound measurement
  • Tissue types Segmentation 
  • Patient’s demographic data and medical history
  • Wound Anamnesis and status
  • Wound treatment

Using imitoWoundR App to collect wound data can provide several benefits for healthcare providers. Firstly, it allows for real-time data collection, which can provide healthcare professionals with up-to-date information about wound healing progress, enabling them to make more informed decisions regarding treatment plans. Additionally, the use of such mobile apps can help standardize wound measurement and documentation, which can improve communication and collaboration among healthcare providers. It can also help reduce the burden on healthcare providers, as it can streamline data collection and eliminate the need for manual documentation, freeing up time for other important tasks.

Furthermore, imitoWoundR offers numerous benefits for the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Medical professionals can easily collect and document wound data, ensuring that the data is properly labeled for AI analysis. This way, we can guarantee a high efficiency of AI algorithms used for wound analysis. This is particularly important in the medical field, where accurate wound analysis is essential for proper diagnosis and treatment. In addition, this application can help medical professionals to track wound healing progress during the data collection process, allowing for quicker adjustments to treatment plans if necessary. 

Overall, imitoWoundR can help improve the quality of care for patients, while also streamlining and increasing the efficiency of wound analysis in medical practice.

"Artificial intelligence (AI) methodologies appear to have a strong positive impact in wound care helping clinicians diagnose, assess the effectiveness of therapy, and predict healing outcomes. AI will support clinicians in their decision making process while enhancing patient outcomes. We are therefore developing with imito this AI technology. Thanks to imitoWoundR App, we can easily collect data in a safe way so that we can build accurate AI models. I look forward to the day when health care professionals can use this AI powered app to improve patient treatments and outcomes.”     

Pr. Sebastian Probst

So, whether you're a customer, a partner, or simply an interested observer, we invite you to join us on this journey of innovation and discovery. Thank you for visiting our blog, and we look forward to engaging with you in the DMEA and EWMA congresses soon!

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