"It doesn't always have to be complicated and time-consuming": An overview of the implementation steps of imito in hospitals.
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"It doesn't always have to be complicated and time-consuming": An overview of the implementation steps of imito apps in hospitals
9 May 20237 min readChristoph Harz
"It doesn't always have to be complicated and time-consuming": An overview of the implementation steps of imito apps in hospitals

The implementation of new software in a hospital often adds to the workload and stress of both IT personnel and healthcare workers. Therefore, it is crucial that the implementation process is efficient and straightforward.

At imito, we have made it our mission to advance digitalisation in healthcare with our software. Our IT solutions aim to simplify clinical everyday life for hospital teams, standardise processes, and in turn, save them time on documentation.

With each project, we gain further knowledge for successful and uncomplicated project completion. With our accumulated experience in over 40 projects, we can make the implementation of our apps as simple and efficient as possible for you. In the following, we would like to provide you with a deeper insight into the integration of our IT solutions and show how uncomplicated the implementation of our solutions can be in your hospital.

Preparing for the project

Before the actual installation of our imito solutions in your hospital, you will receive the most important and relevant information so that the project can start successfully without major turbulence or delays.

To prepare for the first kick-off meeting, you will receive the most important information for setting up the server, the DICOM and HL7 interface, as well as instructions to set up the apps for smartphones, and our implementation table. The latter table contains all relevant project information and is accessible to all project participants, saving time and email correspondence. Additionally, your personal project manager at imito will be available to answer any questions.

If you have decided to use imitoWound, you will also receive our Wound and Stoma Metadata Set. With our standardised metadata set, which was created in collaboration with wound experts, we aim to provide efficient and process-optimised documentation. Of course, we also offer the option to customise the metadata set to your hospital's needs.

The implementation of imito apps

During the implementation of imito, one of our project managers will provide guidance on each step. He or she will be available to answer questions and address additional requirements. Through close collaboration with our development team, feature requests can be discussed directly with colleagues from your hospital.

Scheduled Jour fixe meetings during the implementation phase provide an overview of open tasks and keep all project participants up to date.

After successfully installing our server components and setting up the interfaces on the server, interface tests will be conducted with you. Here, the HL7 and DICOM interfaces, as well as the apps on smartphones, will be tested. Our standardised DICOM and HL7 interfaces and integration with your Active Directory via LDAP(S) eliminate the need for extensive configuration on your side. By creating LDAP groups in our system, all users belonging to the group can directly log into imito, without the need for additional user accounts. Our backend components are compatible with common KIS and PACS manufacturers.

Would you like to set up a test environment for the apps as well? No problem at all. The test environment can be installed on the same server or an additional dedicated test server. The environment will be available to you within a few hours.

After successful technical installation, we offer you to provide user training. Depending on the app being introduced to your hospital, the user training session will take between 30–90 minutes. Our simple and intuitive apps are easily understood by new users. They can immediately start to take pictures, measure wounds and create documentation. Through integration into your PACS and archive system, images and documentation are available throughout the hospital.

After the successful implementation of imito

After successful implementation of our imito apps, we are still available to you. If you receive feedback or requests for changes from users or would like to roll out the apps to other departments, don't hesitate to contact your project manager. We can continue to be in touch through scheduled Jour fixe meetings.

Due to the existing installation and integration with the Active Directory in your hospital, as well as the experience of our project managers, the implementation of our apps in other departments can be carried out without much effort on your part.

The easy handling of our administrator dashboard allows you to add and manage additional LDAP groups to the existing installation. This allows data from specific departments to be kept private within the department.

After installing the apps on additional smartphones and adding the additional LDAP groups, the new department can start documenting after a short training session.

Would you like to introduce additional apps from imito to your hospital? Since our backend communicates uniformly with all of our apps, the introduction of additional apps such as imitoWound or imitoScan is easy to carry out. Additionally, through our EasyWorklist functionality in imitoCam, we provide the ability to communicate with DICOM devices.

Update / Maintenance & Support

We have a standardised process for updating the software. From your side, a snapshot of the server and a short final test of the mobile apps is required. We plan a time window of approximately one hour for the update, during which the apps will not be available to users. However, if there is an emergency documentation situation and the app needs to be used, the emergency mode can be used in imitoCam, or images taken locally on the device can be added to the app.

We are flexible in terms of timing for updates and can adjust to your specific maintenance windows. If there are any support cases, our help centre is available around the clock. You can easily open a new ticket, and find information about new features, server configuration, and training documents for the apps. If you haven't already registered, don't hesitate to do so.

You can also send us an email at support@imito.io at any time. Our Customer Success Team will quickly assist you with your concerns. We hope that we have provided you with an insight into our experience of seamless implementation of our apps in hospitals. For a more detailed insight into the potential time savings offered by our apps, please refer to this article: imitoWound saves almost 150 hours per month.

If you have any technical questions about our solutions, please feel free to speak directly to one of our technical project managers.

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