Meet Zsuzsi - our graphic designer
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Meet Zsuzsi - our graphic designer
15 December 20224 min readSarah Allmayer
Meet Zsuzsi - our graphic designer

Zsuzsi, tell us a little more about yourself.

I have been working as a graphic designer in the imito team since summer 2022. Along with my family, I live in Hungary and work remotely like the rest of the team. Being an economist by training, I gained experience as a marketing specialist at the beginning of my career before I turned my passion for drawing and creativity into my profession. Besides illustrations, I create the entire graphic design for our online and offline media. I really enjoy the work, as it is very diversified and creative.

And what do you like to do in your free time?

During my free time I spend a lot of time with my family. We are often to be found in nature together with my husband and two children. Extensive hikes are one of my favorite activities as well as gardening. Taking care of our flowers and the other plants provides peace and relaxation and is the perfect balance between work and leisure. I like being involved in civic politics and participating in the work of local civic organisations.

You designed our Christmas card this year. What is the main theme?

As part of the Team Retreat 2022, we visited an Escape Room. During various games, such as table tennis, we got to know our team members better. It was unanimously clear to us that we would like to implement this year's Christmas card in a playful way. The intense cohesion within the team should also be reflected in the Christmas card. Therefore we decided to depict a festive scene with all team members. Considering that we have also decided on a new branding in 2022, the new, fresh imito colors may of course not be missing.

What did you enjoy the most? (and why?)

Being a passionate graphic designer, creative tasks like this are always a versatile challenge for me. I particularly enjoyed the creative process involved in designing the Christmas card. This includes the drawing itself as well as the implementation of constructive feedback from the team, which ultimately defines the final card and its design.

What do you like about working at imito?

The work of a graphic designer is very versatile. There are a lot of creative tasks at imito, which I do with great passion. The team spirit is also outstanding!  I appreciate the liberal and open way of thinking of everyone involved and I felt very welcome and part of the team right from the start. Another highlight for me is the remote working structure. This allows me to work with an international team that combines extensive know-how. Constructive criticism is particularly welcome, as everyone in the team benefits from it. To summarize, working at imito is different in every way from what I've known so far, giving me a lot of satisfaction.

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