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Meet Peter - our Product Owner
29 July 20223 min readAnita Vidurova
Meet Peter - our Product Owner

Peter, tell us a bit about your professional background?

My professional career started after I obtained my specialization as an IT systems analyst. I was involved in the development of a system for calculating dynamic strength. After that, I started to work as a software engineer at imito and develop software for healthcare. For me, working in healthcare means helping people.This is something that fulfills me. A fun fact I discovered during my professional career: Even a short code can make a lot of people happy. :)

And who are you outside of imito?

I am from Ukraine, and outside of work, I like to spend my free time in nature. I always feel inspired by the mountains and the ocean. That's why I am passionate about swimming and mountaineering. For example, I climbed peaks such as Kazbek, Mont Blanc or Matterhorn with my good friend and colleague Eugene. I love traveling and communicating with interesting people.

What makes it enjoyable to work in imito’s product development team?

Working with people who inspire you to solve more and more interesting problems is always motivating for me. Moreover, it's nice to co-work with people who have great knowledge and experience in their field. Also, the feedback from our satisfied customers brings even more joy into my work at imito.

You started working for imito in 2017. What has changed in your work during that time? What do you appreciate the most when working for imito?

There have been a lot of changes. One of my first tasks when I started working for imito was to cover unit tests for one of our projects. Now I'm the Product Owner of one of the projects in the company.

I appreciate transparency and openness in the company. There is a flat hierarchy in the team and therefore the opinion of each employee is taken into account. I also appreciate the opportunity to work remotely.The world is becoming more globalized and so is the job market. Foreign languages definitely help to open the door to the whole world. Actually, working remotely has given me the opportunity to have my dream job.

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