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References and Partners

Learn more about how imito’s apps for medical documentation are used in clinical practice. In addition, medtech and life science companies use our scientifically validated wound measurement for clinical research. Through partnerships with hardware and software providers, our clinical apps are available on all common iOS and Android devices, as well as on special medical devices like Roche Diagnostic’s Cobas pulse and Ascom’s Myco series.

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Selection of Hospitals and Rehabilitation Clinics

    Zurzach Care wound documentation
    Zurzach Care

    Petra Behne & her team from Zurzach Care now need 5 minutes instead of 20 minutes for a wound assessment. imitoWound has replaced their old and costly system where the wound documentation could not be exported or printed out. So they still had to create an additional document for continuing care providers 🕢🤦‍♀️

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    Wound measurement tool imitoWound
    Sana Hospital Hameln-Pyrmont

    Manuel Strohdeicher, Wound Manager at Sana Hospital Hameln-Pyrmont (and Germany's favourite nurse in 2021 🥳) reports on the time before and after the introduction of imitoCam, particularly in vascular surgery and the emergency department.

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    Wound documentation app in Germany
    Sana Hospital Leipziger Land

    148 hours. This is how much time the wound experts at Sana Kliniken Leipziger Land now save every month with our imitoWound app. This leaves more time for the actual care and support of the persons to be treated.

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    University Hospital Basel & imito
    University Hospital Basel

    We developed imitoCam together with the University Hospital Basel. They were our first customer in 2016, and until today, imito is used in over 30 departments. They use iOS devices, managed through an Enterprise Mobility Management System.

    Since 2023, they have also been using imitoScan for a simple digitisation of patients documents.

    Hospital Ingolstadt & imito
    Hospital Ingolstadt

    Since 2019, imitoCam has been simplifying medical photo documentation at the Ingolstadt Hospital in orthopaedics, neurosurgery, acute geriatrics and 18 other departments.

    The medical images captured with Android mobile devices are directly available to every colleague via Soarian. imitoScan was also specifically used during the COVID pandemic to quickly scan COVID rapid tests in the emergency department.

    University Hospital Zurich & imito
    University Hospital Zurich

    "The time savings are enormous. I'm amazed and wouldn't want to work without this app any more," reports hand surgeon Inga Besmens.

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    Spital Thurgau & imito
    Hospital Thurgau

    "Since our emergency department has been using imitoCam, they have been doing a lot more image documentation than before with digital cameras. The process of quick and easy archiving really helps us," - says Michaela Keller from Medical Technology.

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    University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf & imito
    University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE)

    Already back in 2019, the German TV reported on how imitoCam is used in dermatology and other departments at the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf. The visual findings are available directly via Soarian. iOS mobile devices are used.

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    Kantonsspital Winterthur & imito
    Cantonal Hospital Winterthur

    "We have introduced an app that simply makes our customers happy," - says Ueli Wehrli, Head of ICT Applications at Cantonal Hospital Winterthur. He also reports on the integration into the Active Directory and their archiving system. No training is required for users, as imitoCam is self-explanatory for them.

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    Canton Hospital Baden (pedriatric dermatology) & imito
    Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV)

    "Since we use imito, we have not lost a single image as before, and the transfer (to our hospital information system Soarian) is instant." - the Head of Dermatological Oncology at CHUV, the university hospital in Lausanne, reports on his experience with imitoCam for skin cancer patients.

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    Canton Hospital Baden (pedriatric dermatology) & imito
    Canton Hospital Baden (pedriatric dermatology)

    Dr Kristin Kernland Lang from the paediatric dermatology department reports that imitoCam offers them the following advantages:

    (1) they can take medical images in very good quality

    (2) they save a lot of time in their daily work

    (3) they can view images immediately in their archive

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    device-specific medical work list
    Cantonal Hospital Baden

    "With imito's EasyWorklist, we quickly add emergency patients who need an ultrasound scan or other imaging to a device-specific work list. The image is automatically available in the PACS. This saves us 2.5 hours of computer work per week." - Sandro Moser, Head of Medical Technology at Hospital Baden talks about his experience with imito.

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    Easy digital wound documentation with imito
    Hospital Adelheid

    Wound expert Susanne Blättler is constantly receiving calls from various clinic departments asking for her opinion. Thanks to imitoWound, she can quickly access her laptop and view wound images and give advice from anywhere.

    She is also glad to have pre-set options in the wound documentation that she only has to select from.

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    Wound photos, wound measurement & wound description in one system
    Fribourg Cantonal Hospital (HFR)

    Now all in one system: wound photos, wound measurement & wound description. Before imito, medical staff at Fribourg Cantonal Hospital (HFR) had to go through a time-consuming process to save wound images from digital cameras to their own data storage.

    These images then were not even available in the general hospital archive in the correct patient file. This meant that other doctors and nurses were unable to access the data and review the wound healing progress.

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    "imito is easy to learn for any employee"
    Karl-Olga-Hospital Stuttgart

    "imito is easy to learn for any employee" - Dr Thomas Strohdeicher, Head Physician at the Vascular Surgery Clinic at the Karl-Olga Hospital in Stuttgart, reports on why imito has become an essential tool in their everyday life at work.

    1. The image quality of the wound photos is very good and the photo documentation from different points in time can be easily compared
    2. They can determine the exact size of the wound
    3. The wound healing progress can be easily reviewed

    Watch the video testimonial →
    Asklepios Clinic Wandsbek & imito
    Asklepios Clinic Wandsbek

    A wide range of healthcare professionals use imitoCam and imitoWound in 42 departments at the Asklepios Clinic in Wandsbek.

    The mobile medical photo documentation and wound measurement helps them in general and visceral surgery, neurology, urology, gastroenterology, geriatrics, gynaecology, orthopaedics & other departments.

    Diabetic Centre Mergentheim & imito
    Diabetic Centre Mergentheim

    Introduced in 2018 to optimise the process of photographic wound documentation and specifically the documentation of the progress of pressure ulcer treatment. Users log in to the app using a barcode on their employee badge. The visual findings are archived in HYDMedia; iOS mobile devices are used.

    Hospital Thun & imito
    Hospital Thun

    An already completely digitized wound documentation becomes even easier with imitoCam. Last media breaks have been eliminated. For wound photography, orders are transmitted directly from Phoenix. User registration and patient identification are conveniently carried out via RFID tags. Business mobile devices based on Android are used, managed via Enterprise Mobility Management.

    Sana Hospital Remscheid & imito
    Sana Hospital Remscheid

    The hospital uses imitoCam on Android devices to create wound documentations. We can connect you to the wound expert Fabian Linden to hear about his experiences with imito!

    Sana Hanse-Hospital Wismar & imito
    Sana Hanse-Hospital Wismar

    Since summer 2021, Sana-Wismar has been the first Sana hospital to use imitoWound productively on various wards (including the emergency and maternity wards). imito's wound documentation is seamlessly integrated into using HL7 ORM requests and the imitoWeb component for further processing of the documentation.

    Hospital Zollikerberg & imito
    Hospital Zollikerberg

    All imito products (imitoWound, imitoCam and imitoScan) have been in widespread use in Zollikerberg since 2022. imito is integrated into ORBIS, with the web component imitoWeb and other HL7 interfaces.

    imito is used in 13 specialist areas, namely gynaecology, urology, orthopaedics, gastroenterology, cardiology, neonatology, nephrology, pneumatology, wound care, radiology/nuclear medicine, physiotherapy, diabetology and the emergency ward.

    Sana Regio Hospitals
    Sana Regio Hospitals

    During the rollout to several Sana hospitals, the hospital Sana Regio Hospitals was one of the first to implement imitoCam in early 2020. The app is in use in surgery departments and the emergency unit, widely used for documenting wounds. iOS mobile devices are in use.

    Sana Hospital Duisburg & imito
    Sana Hospital Duisburg

    Sana Hospital Duisburg started a few years ago with imitoCam for general medical photo documentation. Since the end of 2022, they have also been using imitoWound on Android devices for wound documentations.

    Cantonal Hospital Graubünden & imito
    Cantonal Hospital Graubünden

    The Cantonal Hospital Graubünden in the Swiss Alps uses imitoCam on iOS devices on various wards for simple photo and video documentation.

    Hospital Wartenberg & imito
    Hospital Wartenberg

    Selection of Clinical Research Customers


      CutoSense used imitoWound as part of a clinical trial for their product called WoundWatch®.

      They expressed appreciation for imitoWound’s many features, and particularly the wound measurement.

      Read through their clinical trial →
      Wound measurement for clinical research at VULM

      VULM is a pharmaceutical company which conducts a clinical trial with imitoWound to verify wound measurement and correct wound classification.

      imito for clinical research - precise digital wound measurement
      More research papers about imito

      Our measurement method has been used in several studies to precisely & quickly measure wounds of humans, cats and even elephants!

      French, Brasilian & researchers from other countries have tested the validity and reliability of our measurement method.

      Read through the studies →

      Selection of Partners

        Roche cobas Pulse und imito
        Roche Diagnostics

        Thanks to the partnership with Roche Diagnostics, our clinical apps on the cobas® pulse system are already available in selected countries.

        More about our partnership →
        Ascom & imito & Myco 4

        imito's apps are fully compatible with the Myco 3 and Myco 4 mobile devices from Ascom - designed for routine clinical work.

        More about our partnership →
        Siemens Healthineers & imito
        Siemens Healthineers

        Did you know that the imitoWound app is the only digital solution for wound management on the Siemens Healthineers networking platform? Thanks to the standardised and integrable solution, Siemens Healthineers customers can save valuable time in their daily clinical routine with the imitoWound app.

        More about our partnership →
        Oracle Cerner & imito -

        As a Cerner Solution Member, our clinical apps integrate seamlessly and securely with - which is the only EHR that fully integrates with SAP for Healthcare.

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