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imito AG
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EMR, DMS and PACS integration

imito's apps are not an isolated solution. Only through seamless integration into the existing IT-architecture can real added value be created.

Creating and using open interfaces is our speciality. Duplicate data storage and recording is simply outdated. Therefore, we do not charge a cent for interfaces, the term interface-license does not exist in our vocabulary.


    Interoperability is important to us and an essential aspect for the integration of imito into the IT environment of a hospital. We use and are committed to open standards and open source initiatives. We are, therefore, able to seamlessly integrate existing medical processes and information systems. Communication is standard-compliant and manufacturer-independent via LDAP, HL7 and DICOM.

    Central availability of the results

    To use the mobile photo documentation as universally as possible, the results are transmitted within seconds to the image archives and information systems connected to imito. The following integration scenarios are currently supported:

    • Image data transfer via DICOM, additional information such as wound size, patient VIP status or department is made available to the PACS via HL7 ORM message.
    • Transmission of measurement results and image ID via HL7 ORU message to a hospital information system.
    • Transfer of a PDF report to a document management system in order to document an entire image series via HL7 MDM message.
    Wound documentation requests

    Requests for wound documentation created by a clinical information or planning system are processed by imito in HL7 format and made available in the apps.

    Digitalisation sometimes requires baby steps.

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    Wound documentation in a breeze, mobile-first and image-centred. Standardised and intuitive documentation for more objectivity in treatments and simplified collaboration.

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