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Medical photo and video documentation
Get second opinions
Research and education
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EMR, DMS and PACS integration
Wound documentation

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imito AG
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Medical photo and video documentation

The survey and countless interviews we conducted before the company was founded, helped us to better understand the importance of clinical photo documentation and its requirements.

With a simple tool, visual documentation with photos and videos offers enormous added value for the entire treatment process. The most important aspects being the progress documentation and comparison images before and after operations.

    Directly at the point of care

    Document findings visually, reliably and directly in patient context. The unique identification by bar code (usually the case number) enables a convenient and secure assignment to the patient. Findings are immediately available to the entire treatment team. Errors during assignment and orphaned photos and videos will be avoided.

    Time-saving and efficient

    Without additional hardware, medical professionals can document treatment-relevant photos and videos directly via a mobile device using secure standards. Manual transmissions and assignment of images are completely omitted.

    Improved quality of documentation

    With imitoCam we improve the quality of clinical documentation, which in turn enables better treatment of patients.

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    Simplified collaboration

    The Instagram-like team chat is a fast and secure way to seek opinions of colleagues.

    Get second opinions

    Digitalisation sometimes requires baby steps.

    Reuse for research and education

    Photos are essential for publications, lectures or education. Dynamic categorization during recording enables efficient reuse.

    Research and education
    Typical use cases

    Photo documentation: wound healing processes, allergic reactions, photos before / during / after treatment, surgically removed tissue or organs, intraoperative documentation.

    Video documentation: gait disorders, mobility, epileptic seizures, operation videos, behaviour of children, mental anomalies.

    Fields of application
    • Dermatology
    • Nursing (wound documentation)
    • General surgery
    • Plastic surgery
    • Orthopedics
    • Neurology (especially videos)
    • Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT medicine)
    • Pediatrics (Paediatrics)
    Compliant with data protection regulations

    imito radically simplifies the visual clinical documentation. The documentation is always available through secure and data protection-compliant use of business or private mobile devices. This is a real added value in the daily clinical practice.

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    Embed patient-related photos in the electronic patient record. Seamlessly, in a standardized way and in compliance with data protection regulations…

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    Wound documentation in a breeze, mobile-first and image-centred. Standardised and intuitive documentation for more objectivity in treatments and simplified collaboration.

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