Wound documentation with printable wound report PDF
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Wound documentation with printable wound report PDF

Select wound treatments according to expert standards in imito's wound documentation app. Share the wound documentation PDF digitally or print it out.

Wound documentation with printable wond report PDF

Digital wound documentation for pressure ulcers

Our users say that after the introduction of imito they do more wound documentations than before - simply because they get them done much faster (in 5 instead of 20 minutes!). A detailed documentation is particularly important for pressure ulcers. If this kind of wound develops while being under medical care, it's essential to trace back what went wrong and when.

imito's wound documentation app allows medical staff to objectively measure pressure ulcers with just a few clicks, treat them according to expert standards and track the healing process at one glance.

Wound documentation PDF for printing - wound documentation app

Wound documentation templates directly in the app

Using imitoWound eliminates the need to search for PDF templates for a thorough wound documentation. Select one of the preset options in the app on any smartphone to document wounds such as venous leg ulcers, burns, traumatic wounds and pressure ulcers.

Wound documentation app for Zurzach Care

6 departments use imito - including the neurology department

Wound documentation app for Sana Kliniken Leipziger Land

10 departments use imito - including vascular surgery

Wound documentation app for Klinikum Ingolstadt

21 departments use imito - including the emergency ward

Wound documentation according to expert standards

The imitoWound app was developed considering expert guidelines to ensure that all wound documentation meets the highest quality standards. This contributes to improved patient care and ensures compliance with treatment protocols.

Nevertheless, you can configure the pre-set options for a standardised wound documentation individually for your institution with the help of our friendly IT project managers.

Wound documentation app imito

Printable wound documentation PDF

In imitoWound, the digital wound documentation can be exported as a PDF with just a few clicks. Our users often share this PDF wound report digitally with their colleagues. However, professionals also still print it out a lot to send it to other healthcare workers when a patient is referred to another organisation. Patients are also happy to be able to view their wound data on imito's wound report.

Wound documentation PDF for printing

Stop the search for wound documentation template PDFs

Don't reinvent the wheel, just use the wording from expert standards. Using the predefined options in the app, everyone in your team will phrase the wound documentation in the same way. In the end, your staff will have more time for direct patient care instead of searching for the right words for a documentation.

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