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imito AG
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Easily share a photo of a deliciously prepared strawberry slice with a colleague? Smartphones have changed the way we communicate. What has become established in our private lives, is also popular in the professional environment.

Many hospital teams use unsafe messaging services such as WhatsApp to discuss medical cases. Our survey among 500 European doctors showed that more than half of them were using their smartphones for clinical photography. That was in 2015. Of course, using WhatsApp for patient data is a matter of concern. But it is great to see that many doctors are using the available technology to improve their processes. For this very process, imitoCam offers a safe way for the exchange among the team. Here are two examples:

    Secure communication with colleagues on piket duty

    Identify patients via barcode or use emergency mode. Take photos, videos and inform other users directly via chat. Context-related and secure. This makes it easy to involve colleagues in the background.

    Interdisciplinary collaboration

    Quickly ask colleagues from the dermatology department for advice? With imitoCam, interdisciplinary cooperation becomes a breeze. Team chat allows other users to be involved in a discussion. Interdisciplinary unleashed.

    Digitalisation sometimes requires baby steps.

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    Embed patient-related photos in the electronic patient record. Seamlessly, in a standardized way and in compliance with data protection regulations.

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    Wound documentation in a breeze, mobile-first and image-centred. Standardised and intuitive documentation for more objectivity in treatments and simplified collaboration.

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