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imito's EasyWorklist

Save medical images of emergency patients correctly in the PACS

Quickly add emergency patients to a device-specific worklist

    No error list anymore in the PACS for. Add emergency patients ad-hoc to a worklist.

    Inspired by the simple photo documentation with imitoCam, Sandro Moser came up with the idea to simplify other hospital processes with the help of the smartphone camera.

    The initial problem: emergency patients could not simply be added ad-hoc to a worklist on an ultrasound or X-ray device. Patients had to be created manually at the modality and subsequently assigned to the correct case in the PACS.

    In addition, it took them a lot of effort when a typing error occurred and no matching patient record could be found in the PACS. With up to 56,000 emergency patients a year, the time and human resources required for this added up. That is why Sandro Moser and the Innovation Hub of the Baden Hospital approached imito to develop the EasyWorklist as a new functionality of imitoCam.

    The solution: scanning QR codes with the mobile phone camera replaces the manual creation of emergency patients. imitoCam adds them ad-hoc to a worklist in the background via a DICOM connection. The images are saved to the correct patients in the PACS. The following process saves the IT and doctors at the hospital 2.5 hours of computer work per week.

    Sandro Moser and Martin Birchmeier at the hospital in Baden

    What is your current process and how error and time intensive is it?

    Firstly, scan your clinic ID to log in to imitoCam easily.

    Scan Clinic ID with imitoCam

    Then the patient is quickly identified by scanning the patient barcode. Never assign an image to the wrong patient again.

    Scan patient barcode

    Now, instead of taking a medical photo as usual, select "Use external imaging device" in imitoCam.

    Select external imaging device in imitoCam

    Now scan the QR code on the computer monitor of the imaging device (ultrasound, X-ray, MRI, CT device or similar).

    Scan QR Code with imitoCam

    If you already have a worklist service in use, imitoCam now adds the emergency patient to the actually planned worklist in the background. imitoCam is connected to your existing worklist service via HL7 SIU and ORM. If you do not yet have a worklist service in use, imitoCam adds the patient to imito's EasyWorklist in the background.

    Optional integration with your existing worklist service

    In both cases, the new worklist entry is available on the scanned device in a few seconds, and you can request the worklist.

    You select the patient from the precise patient list for exactly this device.

    Patient can be selected on worklist

    Now you can start the examination.

    You can quickly start the examination

    The images are stored directly with the correct patient in the PACS/archive without any additional effort.

    Images are saved in the PACS

    But not only in the PACS: ultrasound, X-ray, MRI and CT images are also available on your mobile phone. In this sense, the EasyWorklist is a function of imitoCam to make medical images from external imaging devices also available on the smartphone.

    Securely access ultrasound images on your smartphone

    At the hospital in Baden, imito's EasyWorklist is now used as a global worklist service for all modalities and not only saves time for emergency patients.

    Thus, even examinations of outpatients planned in the HIS are transferred to imitoCam via HL7 SIU and ORM and are displayed as a worklist on the respective modality.

    Feel free to contact us about the various possible configurations of EasyWorklist. We can also connect you directly with Sandro Moser to hear about his experiences first-hand.

    What is your current process and how error and time intensive is it?

    Adriana Godrid Doña

    Sales and Hospital Integration Engineer


    Christoph Harz

    Clinical Consultant / Technical Project Manager


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