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Medical photo and video documentation
Get second opinions
Research and education
Scan documents
EMR, DMS and PACS integration
Wound documentation

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Digitize relevant documents with a snap

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imito’s scanner app imitoScan + easy integration with imito’s wound app

Use cases

For those who do not yet get along completely without paper files

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EMR, DMS and PACS integration

Deep integration into the existing architecture makes the image data and documents immediately available for other colleagues involved in the treatment. Independent of our apps.

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Scan documents

Digitize documents brought in by the patient directly with a smartphone, so that they are immediately saved in the patient's electronic medical record.

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Embed patient-related photos in the electronic patient record. Seamlessly, in a standardized way and in compliance with data protection regulations…

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Digital measurement of wounds and specimen. Automatically calculate exact results for length, width, area and circumference of a wound. With body map.

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