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Standardised and intuitive wound documentation for more objectivity in treatments and simplified collaboration.

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Medical photo and video documentation
Get second opinions
Research and education
Scan documents
EMR, DMS and PACS integration
Wound documentation

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imito AG
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Digital wound measurement. Standardized. Simple. Free of charge. imitoMeasure allows exact wound measurement without scale.

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imitoMeasure app

Use cases

Wound documentation radically simplified

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Documentation of wounds

Efficiently document, categorize and precisely measure acute and chronic wounds directly at the point of care (width, length, circumference, area).

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Medical photo and video documentation

Document and categorize diseases and injuries visually by photo. Record gait disorders on video. Directly in the patient context.

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Embed patient-related photos in the electronic patient record. Seamlessly, in a standardized way and in compliance with data protection regulations…

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Scan important documents easily and without delay. Save them directly in the electronic patient record.

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