Meet Sofia
30 de setembro de 2021

Meet Sofia

Manuel Studer, imito AG

Sofia, tell us a bit more about yourself.

I am a Data scientist who is passionate about Computer Vision and Deep learning technology for medical applications, and eager to put my engineering knowledge to practical use.

What excites you about working as a Data Scientist for our wound management solution?

Turning my research into practice! Actually, for the past four years, I have been working on developing solutions in the medical imaging field, especially for chronic wounds which represent a serious health issue especially in elderly and bed-bound individuals. I studied new approaches of Deep Learning to non-invasively assess these wounds using imaging techniques. Now I can see all this work come into use by clinicians, nurses and even patients. imitoWound will become their smart wound assistant by providing them with a full picture of the wound stage and the appropriate clinical decision support for a faster recovery.

What was your first impression when you started at imito?

I instantly felt welcome. Chrysanth and Manuel’s passion for imito is reflected by their cordial behaviour and appreciation for everyone’s work. All the team members were very friendly during our first encounter, and I liked how they were all getting along with each other, even when working remotely and living miles away apart. 

How do you shape the development of imitoWound with your work?

Including Artificial Intelligence within imitoWound will enable care teams to immediately detect the wound and tissue type, analyse the stage of wound, suggest the appropriate clinical decision based not only on visual findings but also on the patient’s medical history, and predict the healing over time. imito has this noble vision of helping practitioners in their wound care practice with an intelligent App, and I am looking forward to making it happen.

Thank you, Sofia!