Two new hospitals rely on the imito Wundapps.
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The imito community continues to grow.
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The imito community continues to grow.

Gesundheit Burgenland operates four clinics in Austria's easternmost province - a specialist hospital in Oberwart and three standard hospitals in Oberpullendorf, Güssing and Kittsee. We are delighted to welcome Gesundheit Burgenland as another customer in Austria. imitoWound is being introduced and project preparations are currently underway according to our proven project management blueprint.

Regionalspital Surselva AG provides extended basic and emergency care for around 22,000 residents and around 20,000 seasonal vacationers in the Bündner Oberland tourist region (canton of Graubünden, Switzerland). Once the project preparations have been completed together with the IT team at Surselva Regional Hospital, the employees will soon be able to use all three apps (imitoScan, imitoCam and imitoWound) in everyday clinical practice.

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