imitoWound saves almost 150 hours per month
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imitoWound saves almost 150 hours per month
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imitoWound saves almost 150 hours per month

Taking photos of a wound with a compact classic camera and then saving them to a computer where they're hard to find? Measuring the wound area with a ruler? Most wound experts are still familiar with these procedures.

Like all our customers, the Sana Kliniken Leipziger Land have decided to leave this outdated method behind and started to use our imitoWound app for process-integrated wound management.

The aim of the cooperation between imito and the Sana Kliniken Leipziger Land was to simplify wound documentation processes and, above all, to save the caregiver staff's valuable time. For this reason, imitoWound in its Enterprise version was the most suitable solution to achieve this goal.

For a clinic with a high workload like the Sana Kliniken Leipziger Land, it was important  to integrate  the new system while ensuring a minimal impact on their everyday clinical life. Therefore, all training and all communication between the imito team and the clinic took place remotely.

On March 11, 2022, four months after the decision to cooperate between imito and Sana Kliniken Leipziger Land was taken, 35 iPads Mini were delivered to the clinic. 10 days later, remote training was held for 50 caregivers.

Using the previous method, the wound experts at the Sana Kliniken Leipziger Land needed 20 minutes for each wound assessment. With imitoWound, it now only takes 5 minutes to completely document a wound. The time saving of 15 minutes for each wound assessment reduces the time by more than half! Around 595 wound assessments per month are created at the Sana Kliniken Leipziger Land. That means 148 hours of time saved for caregivers every month.

This gives the wound experts more time for the actual wound care and treatment of patients. Thus, through the use of imitoWound, clinics are able to better compensate for the capacity bottlenecks among medical staff. Moreover, the quality of wound care and documentation will be sustainably improved. With the use of imitoWound, the clinic has counteracted the lack of capacity among medical staff from the wound area and thus also contributed to our mission. Success stories like these endorse  us in our mission with imitoWound to make wound care more objective and improved!

imito is now used in more than 10 specialist areas, namely ENT medicine, head, neck and facial plastic surgery, acute geriatrics and early rehabilitation, general, visceral, MIS and vascular surgery / thoracic surgery, internal medicine, neurology, paediatrics and adolescent medicine, anaesthesia, intensive care, pain therapy and palliative medicine, radiology, neuroradiology, urology and the gynaecological tumour centre.

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