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imito AG
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Strong imito #Unleashed Performance Week
23 de novembro de 20173 min. para lerimito AG, Maurice Codourey
Strong imito #Unleashed Performance Week

Thanks for your support – review of an incredible week for our team. Preparing pitches, meeting lots of people, strengthen the network. Our instant reporting about our activities via Social Media grabbed more than a moment. A true imito #Unleashed time. 

Swiss ICT Awards 2017, Swiss Public Award, 800 guests

Late Afternoon, November 14th. While our team, together with friends and customers take a seat in the impressive main hall of the unique KKL Lucerne the jury unveils the details of the different awards. And #imitoCam is part of this unique spectacle. The Swiss ICT Awards are the most prestigious prize of the Swiss computer science landscape and imito made it on rank 3 in the category Swiss Public Award with a public voting before and a final live voting at the venue to the podium. Out of 100 applications.

Swiss ICT Ceremony – © Jonas Weibel / swissICT

MEDICA App COMPETITION, the world’s largest live competition for the best App-based Medical Mobile Solution

Mid-afternoon, November 15th. The 15 chosen developers whose App solutions matched best the submission criteria based on the jury’s review get ready for their 3 minutes pitch. With the authentic support of our show patient, Lena Geppert, imito’s Chrysanth Sulzberger in his #RedSuit performeda successful live demonstration on stage at MEDICA App Competition – a high adrenaline experience.

Congratulations to this year’s winners iSikCure, air and kaia. About MEDICA, Number 1 of its kind worldwide: 5,100 exhibitors and 123,500 visitors, 130 countries.

German Hospital Conference at MEDICA,«A New Era for Hospitals», 2000 participants

Morning, November 16th. The Startup & Young Professional Prize by the Entscheiderfabrik at the German Hospital Conference challenges 11 Startups to pitch for their innovative solution for processes in the healthcare industry. Chrysanth Sulzberger takes the stage in his #RedSuit again and gets the silver medal. Congratulations to the other winners recare (1st place), LifeTime (3rd place). We are looking forward to the official ceremony in February next year.

Entscheiderfabrik Start-up Wettbewerb © Michael Reiter

That week showed the genuine energy of our #imitorocks spirit. Our mission is to constantly develop the state-of-the-art visual documentation and collaboration for hospitals everywhere.

Stay tuned for more imito #Unleashed.

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