5 vs. 20 minutes for a wound documentation with imitoWound
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5 minutes for a wound documentation
5 de julho de 20232 min. para ler
5 minutes for a wound documentation

Petra Behne & her team at ZURZACH Care now need 5 instead of 20 minutes to document a wound. imitoWound has replaced their old and time-consuming system, in which the wound documentation could not be exported or printed out. As a result, they still had to create an additional handwritten document if someone else took over. The standardised wound documentation in imitoWound, on the other hand, can simply be exported as a PDF and sent to follow-up care providers, such as wound outpatient clinics.

Zurzach Care uses imito in 6 specialist areas: neurology, cardiology, geriatrics, orthopaedics, wound care as well as internal medicine and oncological rehabilitation.

Wound expert Petra Behne met our team for the first time at a wound congress and was immediately impressed by the ease of use. Now, imitoWound is used by the ZURZACH Care to communicate with referring physicians and aftercare providers, as well as between hospital wards and different locations. Ms Behne also reveals her personal favourite function in the video 📝

Watch the video on YouTube with English subtitles on 👇

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