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imito AG
Agende uma demonstração
imitoCam aka the clinical Instagram - winner of the start-up slam
12 de setembro de 20192 min. para lerimito AG, Maurice Codourey
imitoCam aka the clinical Instagram - winner of the start-up slam

The HIMSS Start-up Slam is a 4-minutes live demo showcase of ready-to-implement solutions for hospitals and care providers. This years topic Practice: Health 2.0 moderated by Serge Bignens at the Swiss eHealth Summit 2019 showcased 4 digital health solutions from Switzerland.

The audience formed a clear opinion about the best pitch. Our Business Development Manager Pamina Göttelmann was able to convince the conference participants with a coherent live demo of imitoCam and explained how simple but radical digitisation in hospitals could work and has already been carried out by many of our customers.

With the help of our little Lemur Patient, the audience quickly understood how our smartphone app-solution works: identify the patient, capture photo and make a direct wound measurement. With the #HashtagNudge, the captured media can be categorised in a structured way and re-used for later evaluation or research. Finally, the optional chat-function allows for secure collaboration and second opinions. 

We are proud. We are imito.

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