🎄imito Wishes Happy Holidays 🤶🏽and a Happy Start into the New Year 🎊 | imito AG
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imito AG
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🎄 imito Wishes Happy Holidays 🤶🏽 and a Happy Start into the New Year 🎊
23 de dezembro de 20192 min. para lerimito AG
🎄 imito Wishes Happy Holidays 🤶🏽 and a Happy Start into the New Year 🎊

At this special time of year, we would like to thank you for the successful cooperation and strong partnership as well as for your trust in us, our products and services.

We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas, relaxing holidays and a Happy New Year 2020!

This year, we have decided to plant trees instead of printing and shipping paper. With a donation to Treedom, we are helping to plant 16 trees in Kenya, Cameroon, Nepal and Tanzania. One tree for each member of our team.

These trees are planted by local farmers, who participate in the project and benefit from the harvest. Despite our conscious travel arrangements, we still have to rely on flying from time to time - so we decided to contribute something to the environment. Trees absorb CO2 and release oxygen, support the biodiversity and enrich soil life.

We hope that at the end of this year, we were able to make a small contribution, not only to clinical everyday life but also to the environment. We are looking forward to completing further successful projects together with you in 2020.

Warm regards,
the imito team

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