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imito AG
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imito & DEWU 2022
19 de maio de 20222 min. para lerAnita Vidurova
imito & DEWU 2022

The German Wound Congress took place in Bremen from May 4th to 6th. After the Corona break, all exhibitors and visitors were allowed to meet again in person and "offline".

At the imito booth, our team welcomed wound experts from the entire DACH region. Digital wound management and especially the wound documentation were the main topics of the discussions, which we held with our existing and prospective customers.

Most exciting for the visitors were short live demonstrations of how to use imitoWound. The demonstrations of wound measurement and the documentation of the development of wound surfaces were definitely the most attractive parts. The reason for that was mainly because of the user friendliness of our app imitoWound

One of the highlights was the visit of colleagues from the Chronic Wounds Initiative, who surprised us with an (almost :) ) real wound. The wound was precisely measured and documented by us with imitoWound. We couldn't have asked for a better demo! See for yourself!

In order to achieve even more objectivity in wound care, our visitors were given a funny microfiber cloth for their cell phones. Would you also like to own one? Follow our social media channels so that you don't miss any information about our next trade fairs!

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