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Let's be honest: After taking pictures, who takes the time to sort them out, let alone to categorize them? In order to retrieve photos and videos at a later date, it must be possible to document the relevant information - search criteria - already during the recording.

Optimal conditions for reuse

This was our philosophy when designing imitoCam: For each image series, a subject-specific category and a body area must be selected in addition to the essential information for clinical documentation - such as author, patient assignment and time data. This means that all relevant information for later research is available within seconds during the recording.

Dynamic categorization

With the implementation of #Hashtags, it is also possible to use your own and existing hashtags in the comments. These allow the organization in the team, like marking picture series for a team meeting, for example. Each user can thus create their own categories. In this way, existing image series can be categorized in more detail or used in conversations.

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Intelligent search

Within the patient-related timeline, hashtags are used for simple restriction to the relevant image series. If patients with the same hashtags were documented within the (specialist) group, these are available via the intelligent search.

Cross-patient research

Hashtags are subject-specific categories, body areas or other user-defined terms. In the cross-patient search, image series can be easily retrieved using hashtags.

Digitalisation sometimes requires baby steps.

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