Printable wound ruler? Faster alternative to wound measurement
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Printable wound ruler? Faster alternative to wound measurement

Do you still measure wounds with paper rulers? Nowadays you can measure wounds precisely using imito's apps. Measure even several wounds at the same time!

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  1. Measure precisely
  2. Print or order calibration markers
  3. Track the wound healing progress
Printable wound ruler? Faster alternative to wound measurement

1. Measure precisely

Our measurement method has been scientifically validated in several studies. This means you avoid inaccurate estimates and can better evaluate the effectiveness of any wound treatment.

With imitoWound, you can try out the wound measurement immediately free of charge. You only pay for the premium version of imitoWound if you want to save the wound measurements of several patients.

Your wound ruler is replaced by one of our calibration markers, which the app recognises automatically as a reference size and can determine the wound size in relation to the marker. This means your wound measurement is now contactless and can't cause any wound infections.

2. Print or order calibration markers

Like conventional disposable wound rulers, the calibration markers should only be used once. A calibration marker also uses less paper than conventional paper rulers for wounds, which you can buy from pharmacies.

If you regularly measure wounds, you don't need to print out calibration markers all the time. In that case, you can also order our self-adhesive calibration markers.

Wound tape replcade by digital wound measurement

3. Track the wound healing progress

With imitoWound, not only the wound measurement is automatically associated to the correct patient with the correct date. You can also keep an eye on the wound healing progress at all times. The Progress is visualised in form of diagrams, and you can document many additional wound parameters and share the wound report as a PDF.

The enterprise version of imitoWound can also be seamlessly integrated into the existing IT infrastructure of hospitals and rehabilitation clinics. We rely on international standards such as HL7, FHIR and DICOM to connect to your systems. The wound documentation is embedded in the hospital information system via our web application.

Wound ruler replaced by digital wound measurement

A new approach to wound management

Traditional methods of paper-based wound documentation are often time-consuming and prone to error. The manual measurement poses a risk of infection and the documentation of the healing process not only requires a high level of specialist knowledge, but also a considerable amount of time. With our wound management app imitoWound, we are tackling precisely these challenges.

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