31 August 2022

Meet Pratiksha - our new Junior Partner Manager

Anita Vidurova

Pratiksha, tell us a bit more about yourself.

I am originally from India. I moved to Germany for my masters about 3 years ago and have been loving it here since then. I am currently based in Bonn. I have a very multifaceted professional journey. I completed my Bachelor’s in Dental Surgery but soon after, I decided to step away from clinical practice. I moved to the management side of hospitals and clinics working in different areas and acquired my Masters in this subject. I was very intrigued by the intersection of healthcare and technology, which led me to move to this exciting field.

And who are you outside of imito?

I enjoy doing many different activities outside my professional life. I am an avid traveler and I love exploring new places starting from offbeat destinations to all the touristy ones. Traveling was also one of the reasons why I wanted to move to Europe. I also like swimming, running, and going on small hikes. I am a very spontaneous person, so I am always up for doing something random and impromptu.  Besides this, I am also trained in an Indian classical dance form, and I love dancing in general.

Tell us about your first weeks at imito.

I am still new here but my very first weeks were exhilarating. I had an onboarding process and simultaneously was involved in partner conversations. I was right in the action from the beginning, which gave me a very hands-on experience. I was able to learn more about our solutions through these meetings and demos. Everyone in the team is very nice, open-minded, and helpful. It is a completely remote team but so very well connected and you always have your questions answered. I felt very welcomed and a part of the imito family right from the beginning.

What do you enjoy about working at imito?

There are many reasons which got me excited about working at imito . imito is involved in improving clinical practice through technology and that is something that I am very passionate about. I believe in imito’s solutions, which makes working here even more enjoyable. I value being given the opportunity to work in this exciting company. The healthcare industry is at the brim of innovation and digitalization which is what imito strives for too. I also really like working remotely and the flexibility that comes with it.

What do you do as a junior partner manager at imito?

As a junior partner manager, I work closely and collaboratively with all our partners. I help in managing their needs and requirements in different areas. My goal is to show our partners the value of imito and its solutions in a broader and larger perspective.

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