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Meet Fenja & Claudia - our customer support
28 February 20238 min readAnita Vidurova
Meet Fenja & Claudia - our customer support

Fenja, tell us a bit more about yourself, and who are you outside imito?

I am 32 years old and have been married for almost 2 years. We have a female dog who is 3 years old and two cats, a tomcat and a cat. In addition to my job at imito, I am currently writing my master's thesis in the field of special education. I've been passionate about collecting manga and books in general since I was 14, so I've had to buy quite a few shelves. As a teenager, I spent my pocket money exclusively on this. After a while, my parents limited my collecting addiction to one book or one manga a month. My dream is to have my own little library in the house. I also like and play all kinds of games, starting with board games, pen & paper and computer or other console games. I like being in nature, I do sports regularly, and I'm a fan of Asian cuisine and I try to cook all kinds of dishes.

And Claudia, tell us something about yourself too?

I'm 48 years old and sort of like imito's grandmother, which doesn't mean I'm treated like that! I have two adult children who both work in the IT industry. Somehow, the enthusiasm for technology rubbed off more. In addition to my trained job as an exam. As a registered nurse, I am licensed as a nonmedical practitioner specializing in classical homoeopathy, dark field microscopy, aromatherapy, singing bowl therapy and herbal medicine. I think it's great to complement modern medicine with naturopathic remedies. Everything that has to do with healing has always fascinated me, and I literally absorbed it. I now have a whole room/library with specialist books. Of course, the Internet has opened up endless worlds for me to research all sorts of things. In the meantime, I also think it's great to be able to get further training online conveniently, and it's very difficult for me to imagine life without a smartphone and the Internet. Otherwise, I love to cook and in my garden, I find peace and time out with the plants, herbs and vegetables that I have grown. 3 cats and my partner complete this idyll. Musically, I have been playing the trombone in a trombone choir for 30 years and sing sporadically in a project choir.

You are both registered nurses. Where and in which area did you work before you came to imito?

Fenja: After a voluntary social year in nursing, I passed my exam to become a nurse in a clinic in Stuttgart. Then I worked there for a few more months. After that, while I went to vocational high school, I was in a rehabilitation clinic for almost 5 years, with a focus on geriatrics and orthopaedics, among other things. In the time between the start of my studies and the catch-up Abitur, I worked in outpatient care. After a stay abroad in the USA, the last station in the nursing department was the out-of-hospital children's intensive care unit. I found imito through an ad on XING. I always look forward to new challenges and love to expand my repertoire of knowledge.

Claudia: I've been an exam since 1995. Nurse and have worked in various areas in southern Bavaria. The most exciting thing was looking after a ventilated client on various trips, sometimes on cruise ships. Most recently, I worked in out-of-hospital intensive care for 9 years, where I also managed a nursing team, among other things. After so many years in care, I had to reorient myself for health reasons and came to imito with my "technical interests" (almost 2 years ago).

And what are you doing at imito now?

We are there for customers if they have any questions. First in the cloud area and now increasingly in the enterprise area. We advise on specialist questions regarding care and work together with external experts. Of course, we also want to stay in contact with our colleagues and doctors for valuable feedback and to keep an eye on the current practice. Part of our work is researching current topics and the further development of our products. We also provide training in the use of the imitoWound app. So the tasks are very diverse. Tasks are often added that you may not have done before. But that's the beauty of it. It doesn't get boring, and you learn from it.

Where do you see the connection between your previous work in nursing and at imito?

Fenja: We are not wound experts, but we know the effort involved in documentation work in daily practice in nursing. In practice, the wound documentation turned out to be quite complex. A digicam and ruler had to be used to document a wound. The SD card of the digicam can then be read and added manually. Some hospitals now have photographers who do the photography. The documentation then takes place in the respective system or partly on paper, which can take a lot of time. imito provides a solution that can save time. Photo documentation, assessment and therapy can theoretically be documented via mobile devices at the patient's bedside. This way, this part of the documentation can be completed more quickly.

Claudia: I really enjoyed working in nursing. It is now very nice for me to be able to provide my nursing colleagues with a tool that they can use to document wounds quickly and easily, with great accuracy and reflecting their personal expertise. I still have terrible memories of my days of paper documentation and the annoying topic of how do I get the image from the digicam in the patient context pasted into my paper documentation.

What do you enjoy most about working with our customers in Customer Service?

Fenja: We get direct feedback from the users and can include their requests or suggestions for changes. This cannot always be implemented immediately, but we appreciate the feedback and are working on solutions. I also like the direct contact with potential customers at trade fairs, especially seeing some enthusiastic faces when we can show them the app live. But it's also nice that I can work a lot from home. This gives me maximum flexibility, for which I am very grateful.

Claudia: I love presenting our documentation in a live demo or doing online training. For health reasons, it is currently only possible for me to work online, for which I am very grateful to be able to do this with imito at all.

What motivates you to shape the future of care?

Fenja: I don't know if the shortage of nurses will improve in the coming years or not, but with tools like imito we can maybe make our colleagues' everyday life a little easier. imito is constantly working on innovative solutions for documentation. My motivation is to help shape solutions with my colleagues at imito that might make one or the other happy in practice.

Claudia: I've known over the years how it feels to never have enough staff, so I think it's essential to make things easier for staff in areas where it's possible.

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