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imito Keynote 2022 - How AI is Shaping Wound Care
2 March 20223 min readimito AG
imito Keynote 2022 - How AI is Shaping Wound Care

What role does imito play in wound care? And what does the future of wound care actually look like?

Do you want to know more? Then this online event is for you.

The imito's mission is to compensate for the shortage of wound experts with AI, which analyzes wounds, suggests treatments to promote better healing, and trains caregivers in wound care. In recent years, we have succeeded in building a strong network of customers and partners who work with us towards this goal. Recently, we have also become part of a research project in collaboration with the University of Geneva and the HEdS-Geneva Wound Healing Center.

On March 15, 2022, the imito Keynote will take place for the 5th time, again as an online event, on the topic "How AI is shaping wound care". Our CEO Chrysanth Sulzberger and CTO Manuel Studer will report on the current highlights and present the imito Vision 2025.

But we will not be alone in this! We are honoured that Prof. Sebastian Probst, President of the EWMA - European Wound Management Association, has accepted our invitation and will have a speech on the topic "Wound care of today and tomorrow".

We also invited Michael Rosenstock, Head of Sana Digital at Sana Kliniken AG. He will present the customer perspective and outline the reasons for using mobile clinical apps and their potential for the future of clinics and hospitals.

In addition, Dr. Alessandro Palese, International Product Manager at Roche Diagnostics, Marcel Schevemann, Segment Manager Healthcare Solutions from Ascom DACH, and Kim Becker, Partner Manager Digital Health at Siemens Healthineers, take the floor and explain how the cooperation between them and imito has developed and, above all, what effects this cooperation has on healthcare.

The event will also include an open panel discussion.

The imito Keynote is for everyone interested in practical digitization in healthcare.

The event is for free and will be held in two different languages ​​- German (03/15/2022, 15:00 - 17:00) and English (03/15/2022, 17:00 - 19:00). Please note that registration for the event you wish to attend (depending on the language) must be done separately. The link for the LIVE Stream will be sent to you on a ticket basis.

If you are interested in attending the event in German, please click here to register.

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