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A picture in the right context is worth a thousand words.

In our private lives, we all like to take photos to remind us of an interesting slide from a presentation, or to find the right shelves in IKEA's self-service warehouse, for example.

Photography has been used in medicine ever since its invention and it is an important part of the documentation of results and research work. Today, however, pictures are often taken with compact cameras and organized on file servers in folder structures.

That means the photos need to be stored manually and are often not accessible by other teams. The process of taking and storing these pictures is time-consuming.

Worst of all, re-using these valuable artefacts in order to analyse the healing process or to compile pictures for research or training is very inconvenient and takes a lot of time!

Before we founded our company, we analysed the market. Around 500 European doctors took part in the survey. By 2015, more than half of them already indicated that they were using their smartphones for clinical photo documentation.

Are they putting their smartphone pictures to a data graveyard file server? What do you think?

Not really. Many hospital teams have already started using the available technology. They manage patient images with cloud services and share photos with non-data protection compliant messenger apps like WhatsApp.

We decided to investigate these loose ends and started to connect them with our apps. With imitoCam , we have succeeded in making photo documentation much easier.

Our passion for radically simplifying everyday clinical tasks has already produced another intuitive tool with imitoScan.

Today we are very proud that our solutions are already being used in over twenty hospitals (References and partners) in Switzerland and Germany. Since 2016, our interdisciplinary team has learned a lot about the practical use of our apps by implementing them in hospitals within first successful projects.

It is great to make a contribution to the digital transformation in healthcare with imito AG!

Our team

Chrysanth Sulzberger

CEO and Co-Founder

His passion is to radically simplify clinical processes with smart apps. As an IT engineer and later with his MSc, Chrysanth has been active in various industries, now for almost 10 years with a focus on healthcare. In addition to business development, he shares his experience with other entrepreneurs, students and customers. Longer travels combined with remote coworking prevent a daily grind.

Manuel Studer

CTO and co-founder

His MSc in Computer Science at the University of Fribourg leads to more than 20 years of experience; system administrator in an MD practice, various experiences as an application developer as well as business analyst at one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in biomedical research. Manuel’s source for new ideas and energy comes from hiking and skiing in the Swiss Alps.

Radek Antoniuk

Deployment Manager

Radek graduates with a double MSc in Computer Science and Automatics & Robotics, and then works for more than 10 years in the IT industry in multinational projects covering the full SDLC lifecycle, having different roles in several countries. His focus lies on Open Source software initiatives in combination with Agile Project Management and Continuous Process Improvement in both the technical area and the people. He loves to travel and finds sailing and wind-surfing to be the spirit mood booster.

Maurice Codourey

Expert Marketing and Communication

In combination with seven years as Head of Communication and Marketing in a Zurich hospital and the ZHAW Master's degree in Training Management and Didactics and the INSEAD programme «Innovate Health for Tomorrow», the symbiosis from knowledge transfer to Nudge Theory is successful. Maurice balances further commitments such as the founding of the association Scaph.net and the DNA Digital Nomad Academy initiative with winter swimming.

Pamina Göttelmann

Business Development Manager

After a successful double MA "European Master in Health Economics and Management", Pamina gains further knowledge in mHealth as the responsible project manager in a university hospital. There, she initiates the introduction of mobile IT solutions and develops the hospital's mHealth strategy under the leadership of the department for Corporate Development. She finds her balance through sometimes adventurous travels or while diving.

Christian Güder

Solution Architect

His studies in Computer Science at the University of Applied Science in Biel and the MSc for Biomedical Engineering at the University of Bern are followed by over 10 years of experience in medical informatics. Christian is committed to Free and Open Source Software and Open Standards. He especially shows this in the executive committee of CH Open, when operating Linux-based computer systems in Uganda for ITCT-Africa and at the School for the Deaf in Kampala, Uganda.

Haider Husain

Business Development Director UK

Haider is an accomplished business leader with over 18 years of management, strategy, sales, delivery and operational experience within healthcare IT. He has been successful at leveraging a wide skill set to enhance organisational productivity and efficiency by effectively directing and supporting innovative models within operations delivery, sales, services and solutions.

Peter Kulakov

iOS Developer

After successfully completing his Bachelor of Computer Science and Master's Degree in Systems Engineering, Peter focuses on the development of an automated strength calculation system for machine building and healthcare automation systems. He is inspired by the climbing of the highest mountains in the Alps like Mont Blanc and Matterhorn.

Sergey Kuznetsov

Web Developer

The studies in Criminal Informatics at the Saint Petersburg State University laid the foundation for several years of experience in international retail. After a second degree in computer science in software development, Sergey deepens his knowledge in the areas of cash register automation, purchasing processes, SaaS, hedge fund management, online marketplace and various cloud solutions. Yoga, travelling and an interest in neuroscience shape his free time.

Stanislav Litvinenko

UX/UI Expert

At the Faculty of Electronics of the Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University LETI, the scientific work begins with the studies in Nanoelectronics. Subsequently, project work for the public administration on robototechnics and physical modeling complements the knowledge of machine learning and automation. Later, Stanislav expands his experience in consulting with many years of UX/UI design. Long travels keep the discoverer spirit awake.

Antje May

Management Assistent

After two semesters abroad and a bachelor's degree in European Business Management from the University of Wales in Cardiff, five years in the executive secretariat of a large tax consulting and auditing company follow. A further vocation opens the way to becoming a naturopath - the fusion of passion and profession. Life in the countryside with horses gives Antje personal balance and health.

Eugene Naloiko

iOS Developer

The app development sparked the interest of Eugene in mobile solutions at the Faculty of Informatics and Management of the National Technical University Kharkiv. The move from Android to iOS extends his development horizon; such as prototyping and app development for a Swiss FinTech company, apps for video compositing, logistics and photo editing for the US market. Mountaineering in Mont Blanc and the Caucasus provides him peace of mind.

Dmitry Novikov

Backend Developer

The studies at the Saint Petersburg State University in the Faculty of Applied Mathematics activate the enthusiasm of Dmitry for the conception of information elements which are effectively inserted into a large whole. His experience in international communication and in working for an IT service provider in Switzerland shapes his knowledge. Literature, travel and black & white movies form the source for cultural discoveries.

Alex Okorokov

Android Developer

The passion of Alex for UI and Android is based on the studies for Programming and Engineering at the Faculty of Informatics and Management, National Technical University Kharkiv. This is followed by experience with chat development and with a worldwide implemented video communication for deaf people. Dynamics and endurance are transferred to football during leisure time.

Mischa Richli

Product Manager, M.D.

Medical studies at the University of Lausanne and study of medical informatics at the University of Geneva nourished the engagement in the field of clinical information systems. In tandem with the experience as a practicing physician, the multifaceted IT development work for a regional hospital strengthens Mischa’s business analysis skills. Voluntary work to help teenagers getting their first job experiences and sailing on Lake Geneva complete his passion for varied experiences.

Peter Weiser

Clinical Consultant

Christian Johner
Christian Johner


Prof. Dr. Christian Johner is the founder and owner of the Johner Institute for Information Technology in Health Care . He is an internationally recognised expert in the field of medical software. As a professor he teaches software architecture, software engineering, software quality management and medical informatics at several universities. His consultancy service focuses on the slim execution and implementation of quality management systems, processes and tools.

Christian Lovis
Christian Lovis


Professor Christian Lovis MD MPH teaches at the University of Geneva and is the chairman of the division of medical information sciences at the University Hospital of Geneva (HUG). In addition he is the president of HIMSS Switzerland and member of the boards HIMSS Europe and HIMSS Global; the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society is the largest organization for IT in healthcare. Christian provides extensive experience in development and deployment of regional and national IT solutions for hospitals and care facilities. For more than 10 years he was responsible for the clinical information system of the University Hospital of Geneva.

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