31 de agosto de 2022

Meet Nicole - our Business Development Manager

Anita Vidurova

Nicole, tell us a little more about yourself.

I am responsible for business development at imito, and this gives me the excellent opportunity to meet new people and build new exciting projects. It motivates me a lot that we work so well together as a team, that quick solutions are found and that we always support each other. The spirit at imito is just very special. There are a lot of new ideas, a great team spirit and there is always something to laugh about.

And who are you outside of imito?

I love traveling. In fact, Namibia is my most favorite destination. This country has fascinated me with its various facets since my first trip in 2005. I could experience the contrast between a desert and the sea. Moreover, the expanse and the variety of animals was just unbelievable. I also like cycling and inline skating. I enjoy long distances with nice lake views, where I can just admire nature and work out at the same time. I'm a big fan of the mountains and tours that start very early in the morning. I have great experiences with my friends from Switzerland. During our hike, we swam in a lake high in the mountains. I will never forget that awesome color of the water. We decided to call that lake “Dinosaur Bath”. :)

What do you enjoy most about your job in business development?

I really enjoy developing various projects and getting to know people from different departments of the clinics. Also, there are always other new impulses which make my work enjoyable. It's just so great to see the joy of our customers when our projects are successfully launched. The great feedback from our customers on our apps is definitely the major motivating factor. For me, it's just so much fun to work for a company like imito and be responsible for business development.

You started at imito in 2020. What has changed in your work during this time?

When I started at imito, the Corona period had just begun and turned everything upside down. Having meetings at the clinics, planning trips and coordinating my new projects and the existing ones has shown me a new side of myself. The next big topic in my job was the funded digitization of the clinics by the KHZG. To see how we have gone through the Corona period so far as a company, and how we have managed this together with our customers as a team is a very formative experience.

What do you appreciate most about working at imito?

We are a strong team that comes from different countries. Even though we're all working remotely and we're so far apart, we all feel very close and connected. With imito and remote work, I got to know a completely different way of working and experience how a team can work and grow together even under these conditions. We support each other and we don't miss out on all the fun at work.

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