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Secure app for medical photo documentation. Instagram for doctors and nursing staff in hospitals including team chat as an alternative to WhatsApp.
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Scan documents directly with your smartphone so that they can immediately be added to the electronic patient record.
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Standardised and intuitive wound documentation for more objectivity in treatments and simplified collaboration.
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Automatic digital measurement of wounds via app. Free trial for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets - Send wound report immediately via e-mail.

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31 August 2021

Meet Natalie

Chrysanth Sulzberger, imito AG

Today I would like to introduce you to the newest member of imito. Since the beginning of August, Natalie has been supporting us with all marketing topics. Since in the future you will read more from Natalie here and on our social media channels, we decided to do a short interview with her.

Natalie - Describe yourself in a sentence

Hey Chrys, thank you for the introduction! Myself in one sentence? I am a digital health enthusiast, startup veteran and passionate about marketing.

Why did you choose imito?

We spend so much of our time at work. Obviously, it is important for me to enjoy what I am doing. But at the same time, I also want to feel that the product I'm marketing creates value for our society.

I think it's great that we support the work of nurses and other healthcare professionals with the imito apps and thus contribute to better medical care for patients.

Today, we live in an increasingly ageing society. At one point or another, we will probably all be in a situation where we need medical care. Unfortunately, the growing shortage of healthcare professionals will not simply disappear into thin air in the future. That's why, in my view, it is essential to develop solutions today and support and relieve the remaining players in our healthcare system.

What I particularly like about imito is that they develop their solutions not only for, but together with healthcare professionals. That way, they ensure that the products reflect the actual clinical processes and standards.

Tell us about your first weeks at imito?

My start at imito was great, I received a very warm welcome. Even though we work 100 % remotely and are spread across several European countries, I have the feeling that already in this short time I really became a part of the team.

My personal highlight so far happened in my second week at imito. Together with our project manager Martin and you, we visited some of our imitoCam customers and they took the time to film short testimonial videos with us.

What do you do as marketing manager at imito?

From events, newsletters, videos, social media and much more - in whatever form. I will make sure that in the future you will hear and see more from us and our products.

Thank you, Natalie!

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