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Secure app for medical photo documentation. Instagram for doctors and nursing staff in hospitals including team chat as an alternative to WhatsApp.
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Scan documents directly with your smartphone so that they can immediately be added to the electronic patient record.
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Standardised and intuitive wound documentation for more objectivity in treatments and simplified collaboration.
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Automatic digital measurement of wounds via app. Free trial for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets - Send wound report immediately via e-mail.

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29 June 2022

Meet Anita - our new Marketing Manager

Chrysanth Sulzberger

Anita, tell us a bit more about yourself!

I originally come from the Czech Republic, but I have been living in Vienna for almost eight years. The main reason for moving to Austria was my dream to study here. After six years of studying, my dream came true and I gained a master's degree in management at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. I specialized in marketing and international business. However, marketing is my favorite, because it brings products and services into life. Also it somehow blends into all areas of management. Marketing takes a lot of complex thinking and that's what I enjoy the most.

And who are you outside of imito?

I love doing sports. I come from a ski family, so I've been skiing a lot every winter since I was a child. Skiing was actually the second reason why I moved to Austria. :) I'm also a golfer. This sport really taught me a lot of patience, haha :D. Also a few years ago, I fell in love with surfing. That is not just a sport for me, it's also a mindset. Besides those and other activities, I like running and yoga. I'm a morning person. During the week, I really enjoy getting up early and going to a yoga studio at 7am. This is my favorite start to a working day. In addition to all the sports, I like learning foreign languages. I see real sense and value in that.

Tell us about your first weeks at imito.

I was actually very lucky. Despite the fact that we work remotely, I was able to meet a part of the team already during my second week at imito. imito was one of the exhibitors at “DMEA - Connecting digital health” congress in Berlin and I got a chance to be one of the crew members. We all were amazed by the interest in our apps imitoWound and imitoCam. Seeing that motivated me even more for this job. However, not only at this congress, but also during the first team video calls, I felt very warmly welcomed. It was just incredible to see how “connected” a remote team can be. Everybody was very helpful and I never felt afraid of asking questions. That is something very important to me.

What do you enjoy about working at imito?

Is there a word limit for answering this? :D I hope there isn't.

Firstly, I like the mission we create the products with. Our apps deal with a shortage of healthcare professionals, especially in wound care. When talking with wound experts at the congresses, I could clearly see that their increasing workload and decreasing time capacities are in conflict. Therefore it is necessary to make their clinical life as easy as possible. Our apps offer an innovative solution to this existing problem. We at imito contribute to digitalization in healthcare and simplifying its processes - that is something I can definitely identify myself with. 

Secondly, I enjoy working remotely. I have my own freedom and flexibility. I also don't waste time going to the office. I can start working right away and I can even turn on the washing machine (let's be honest, after the whole lockdown experience we all know :D). When I go to morning yoga class, I often stay in the city center after a lesson and work from one of my favorite cafes. I definitely can't say I miss social contact. The team works very closely together and there is a very open communication between us. During our internal calls, there is always some time for personal discussions. We care about each other. That's what I appreciate very much. 

And finally, it's the internationality I really enjoy when working for imito. Our team members are located in 9 different countries. With this diversity we enrich not only ourselves but also our work. That is also why our main language is English. So at work I speak two foreign languages - English and German. I love it!

What do you do as a marketing manager at imito?

I'm mostly responsible for digital communication. Social media, newsletters or blog posts are definitely my main pillars. I also take care of event management and all the tasks related to that. It's great that after the covid break, the events are coming back. imito already has a lot of interesting ones planned, so be sure to follow our social media profiles for more information! :)

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