imito, the clinical photo app and the Swiss eHealth Summit 2017

Review 2016. Nine Start-Ups line up in front of a critical Swiss eHealth Summit  jury to perform the first Start-up Slam Switzerland. The five minutes presentation of imito AG convinced the jury to honor Chrysanth Sulzberger and Manuel Studer with the 1st place and an exclusive presentation slot in 2017 for their radically simplified clinical collaboration with their clinical photo app. The hashtags #imitorocks and #unleashed symbolize the power of that moment and the continous development of thoughtful solutions for the clinical sector.

imito AG at Swiss eHealth Summit 2017September 2017. The «winners» are back to the Swiss eHealth Summit – this time at the SwissTech Convention Center in Lausanne with the motto «Healthcare meets Innovation». imito AG intensified the contact and exchange with interested hospitals from Switzerland and Europe with its own stand in the Networking Zone.

imito AG in Networking Zone atSwiss eHealth Summit 2017 Lausanne

The highlight of the two days summit was the duo presentation with Mischa Richli, clinical project manager from the HFR Fribourg Hôpital Cantonal and imito’s CEO Chrysanth Sulzberger.

Mischa Richli presented with his «Feedback from the field» speech the HFR’s engagement for the measurement of wound surfaces as a Swiss first mover with an iPhone prototype in 2011. After challenges and errors the clinical collaboration with imito AG from 2016 onwards provided the desired clinical photo documentation by their clinical photo app in BYOD format for the use in transversal care units and staff. Finally the solution imitoCam was officially implemented in the front-end while imitoConnect delivered the needed data services in the back-end. The succesful deployment includes Wound Care and Diabetology in nursing as well as Orthopedic and Vascular in surgery.

Mischa Richli of HFR Fribourg Hôpital Cantonal with imito   Insight HFR Fribourg Hôpital Cantonal using clinical photo app by imito

Chrysanth Sulzberger reinforced the impact among the spectators with his «one year later» presentation, a summary of 12 inspirational months since the Start-up Slam 2016. He emphasized the milestones reached using the imitoCam:

  • a clinical collaboration with the clinical photo app in a class of its own
  • a validated and standardized solution
  • enterprise mobility experience
  • lean and efficient integration and deployment
  • development of an imaging-tool to a visual collaboration platform
  • 80% of Swiss University Hospitals already using the imitoCam
  • and in 2017 the introduction of #tags – for an easier and more dynamic possibility to organize and share visualy artifacts in hospital teams

Chrysanth Sulzberger, CEO imito AG  clinical photo app by imito

As a finalist of the prestigious Swiss ICT Award 2017 (thank you for supporting us with your vote here) imito AG has the right digital health solution at the right time for hospitals undergoing big steps in the digital transformation process.

We rocked conhIT!

Three days of great discussions with health IT experts, potential customers and partners. We are truly overwhelmed, proud and thankful for the positive feedback.

Some facts about conhIT 2017

With over 9,500 participants (hospital IT managers, physicians and industry representatives), conhIT is the biggest event of the year, not only for us but also within Europe with a focus on healthcare IT.

Our presence at the Mobile Health Zone

The Mobile Health Zone was again a welcoming home for three days where we could present our mobile app solution at our booth. The overwhelming number of visitors and expert audience were especially fascinated by the new team chat feature of imitoCam and the seamless integration of clinical photos into the hospital electronic medical record that we offer.

A small innovative bonus on top was showing how an additional adapter, such as the Handyscope from FotoFinder, immediately transforms a smartphone into a sophisticated medical imaging device that can easily be integrated into any hospitals IT-landscape when combined with our app.

Presentations, live demos, pitches and networking at the Swiss Embassy

After a warm-up during the first day, the second day of the trade fair on Wednesday, April 26 was a real marathon! The morning started with our contribution to the Academy session “Designing and Using Mobile Systems and Apps” with a hot-topic presentation and discussion about “Standard-compliant app development with seamless integration into the electronic patient records”.

In between spontaneous presentations for the visitors at our booth, we actively contributed to the program at the Mobile Health Zone during the rest of the day. A presentation about “Instagram for Hospitals”, two pitches at the AppCircus and at the Digital Health Startup Showcase as much as live demos for two guided tours on patient empowerment and “Apps and Wearables” filled the entire afternoon with challenges but also fun.

The get-together evening between entrepreneurs and hospital representatives in the Swiss embassy rounded off this eventful day.

Fortunately, the calmer third day allowed us to show our mobile solution to the remaining visitors that did not dare to join the crowd at our booth during the previous days.

As much as last year, the very positive feedback and highlights at the conhIT 2017 set a new milestone for our young company. We are very much looking forward to see what the next one will bring and meeting you there again next year!

Querdenken, vernetzen und austauschen zum Gesundheitswesen der Zukunft!

imito war Teil des Startup Parcours am 12. Kongresses für Gesundheitsnetzwerker in Berlin. Geprägt war der Kongress von der positiven Stimmung und vielen spannenden Fachgesprächen. Die wichtigsten Themen waren: der digitale Wandel im Gesundheitswesen, Rechtsfragen zur Fernbehandlung, Value-Based Medicine und der Einbezug von Patienten in die Behandlung.

„Man muss nur zeigen, dass es klappt – dann ziehen die anderen schon mit“
– Prof. Dr. K. Budde, Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Das besondere Highlight der Konferenz war die Verleihung des Preises für Gesundheitsnetzwerke, der an drei innovative Projekte ging. Mit einem Sonderpreis wurde der Impfbus der Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin geehrt, welcher ein niedrigschwelliges Angebot zur Impfung von Flüchtlingen darstellt.

Selbstverständlich waren die Gesundheitsnetzwerker sehr aktiv auf Twitter. Hier einige Impressionen dazu:

imitoCam – Das Ergebnis der Umfrage zur klinischen Fotodokumentation mittels Smartphones!

Im Frühjahr 2015 haben 482 Ärzte an unserer Umfrage zur Nutzung des Smartphones für die klinische Fotografie befragt. Die wichtigsten Ergebnisse habe wir für Sie als Infografik zusammengestellt.

Infografik zu den Umfrageergebnissen

Infografik zu den Umfrageergebnissen

Erfahren Sie mehr über imitoCam in unserem Erklärvideo: