Convenient and precise documentation of wound healing at home

Take a more active role in your daily wound care and improve your treatment outcomes.
Keep the treatment team informed about your healing process – without the hassle of travelling to the hospital.

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Use our free app imitoMeasure in order to inform your treatment team with a wound report about unexpected healing problems. Simply install the app, document the wound and send the wound report by e-mail.

We are also working on a service for hospitals, which will enable you as a patient to contribute to the photo documentation from home. For this purpose, the hospital’s treatment team can provide you via our imitoPatient app with a safe way to transfer photos and videos during an outpatient consultation or a stationary stay.

Secure transmission & storage of patient data into the internal archive

Compliant with EU privacy regulations

Patient information is not stored on mobile devices. It is only stored in the hospital information system

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