Place the supplied or printed-out QR code near the area you want to measure. Point the camera parallel to the object including the QR code. The shutter button will become active when the QR code has been detected. Take a photo.

Select Area

Use your finger to encircle the area for measurement.
You can fine-tune the selection by dragging the
automatically created anchor points.


Review the results. You can also email a report for further reference.

Quick and easy wound and specimen measurement.

Capture wound or specimen with a special marker for calibration

Encircle area of interest

Length, width, area and circumference are automatically calculated

Optionally generate a report for emailing

New Features in version 1.3

Use the new body map to visually document the photographed area. The body map will also be shown in the report.

Directly send an e-mail out from the app to print out QR codes. This functionality can be found under the Help section.

The result screen has been redesigned for better clarity.