The smart and intuitive tool for the mobile clinical photo documentation.

Capture photos and videos via imitoCam with only four fingertips in accordance with data protection and archive them directly into the patient’s record.

Immediately in patient context. Even before photo capturing, the patient can be identified by barcode or selected from the patient list.

• Overview of the course of treatment. Earlier photo and video recordings are available immediately after identification of the patient.


Document visually in a simple way. Recordings are immediately available in the electronic medical record.

This tool enables the mobile visual documentation of medical findings, therapies and healing processes of diseases and injuries.

Amazingly simple combination: effortless wound measurement and the visual categorization using a body map as well as seek a second opinion of colleagues.

Team Chat

Easily include colleagues in the decision-making process,comment directly on image series, seek second opinions.

Mention team members in comments about photo series – instant message by a push notification available.

Send smart photo reports

Photo reports can be conveniently sent by e-mail, summarizing relevant information in a report. Select photos from different series and send them as a report immediately.

The server-based transmission does not require any email configuration on the mobile device. About security: allowed recipient domains to be managed in a whitelist and prevent accidental addressing.

24/7 Offline and emergency mode

Always ready for action!

ImitoCam does not require complete Wi-Fi coverage. Capture image series of patients even offline and assign them later to the correct study.

If a patient can not be found or can not be identified, the user creates a temporary series with a later allocation to the patient.

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